Tea Party Border Rally 8/15/2010

 I have attended four rallies now in support of SB1070 and my great state of Arizona.  This rally took place today August 15, 2010 in Hereford, AZ a little south of Sierra Vista and right along the border. It was worth getting up at 4:30am this morning and taking this journey to our border to support something I believe in.  I believe we must secure our border but we must also enforce our current laws to deport all who refuse to leave on their own.  This can be done by enforcing the federal laws about hiring illegal workers and not giving benefits to them.  Those that are here Illegally will self deport themselves if nobody will hire them and they can’t get welfare from our Government.

 The Rally

 It got off to a rocky start to begin with because the people who were supposed to bring the sound equipment backed out or didn’t show.  JD Hayworth came through with some equipment and there was a few issues along the way, thanks JD.  There where at my estimate about 1000 to 1200 who attended as it was hard to judge because everyone was spread out. You could walk down to the border fence along the property and some walked or rode atvs along the fence road. It wouldn’t take someone very much to climb this fence in my opinion and further down the road the fence is a joke. We had many speakers once we got started from Jonathan Paton, Sam Crump, Pam Gorman, Bill Montgomery, Janet Contreras, Russell Pearce, JD Hayworth, Sheriff Joe and many others.  They all talked about how illegal immigration affects our lives in so many different ways.  You can tell with some about their passion in this fight, Montgomery and Contreras have had real passion every time I’ve heard them speak. Janet Contreras was excellent in her passion as well as her humor towards her opponent and our President. We had one of the ranchers wife spoke to us about all the problems they experience everyday.  How on a daily basis people crossing their property and caring little for the rights of whose land they are on. The leave trash behind, they have broke into buildings and homes to steal whatever they can find.  I forgot her name but she brought home the problem to what happens to hard-working people just trying to make it near the border.

  This is about all of the people here in the United States and we mustn’t forget that lives are on the line as we speak. I have heard most of these people at many of the rallies but believe its important to attend.  This issue can’t be solved by sitting at home, We must put the right people in place to fix our broken border and enforce our immigration laws.  You will never get a clear picture about anyone until you hear them and meet them, looking them straight in the eye for answers.  We need good conservative people in local, State and Federal Government positions to change the course of our Country.  This isn’t a game for us and we should all hope it’s not one for them. I would also like to thank Mike Broomhead for coming down and being MC for the day once again.

 If you would like to see pictures that I took just follow the link below to my website.

Liberty’s Warrior

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I'm from Mesa,AZ and very involved in local politics. I like to read, like just about all sports and also hunt/fish.
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