Mosque New Ground Zero

Go someplace else to build

This has certainly been a touchy subject ever since hitting the light of day about them building a Mosque a couple of blocks from Ground Zero.  We are a nation of religious freedom, which is important but building this Mosque so close seems to be insensitive to what happened there.  If you where near a tv set that September day in 2001 you will certainly not forget the images that raced across your screen.  That emotion is raw and powerful for we saw our Country attacked by cowards who took innocent lives.  There are many places to build this Mosque but they seemed determined to build so very close to what I considered hollowed ground.  If they truly believe in mending fences between us than they will move this Mosque down the road a bit.

Why should we trust them Obama?

 They may have the constitutional right to build and to practice, however we also have a right to protect ourselves along with our Country.  The president may not like the facts but Islam would rather destroy America’s Constitution than live with it.  Islam isn’t a faith that fits well with freedom and Americans know that there isn’t Christians, Jewish, and all other faiths who are trying to kill Americans.  We are in direct conflict with many groups and nations who are preaching the downfall of the United States.  This isn’t the same as any other church going up and the President knows this well for he seems more sympathetic to their cause than our own.  We are seeking leadership from both the people in New York and from our President who could easily just ask them to build somewhere else.

 We know they have the right to build it, just for the sake of the families who lost so much on that terrible day just build it somewhere else.

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I'm from Mesa,AZ and very involved in local politics. I like to read, like just about all sports and also hunt/fish.
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