My Liberal Uncle

 I have been at odds with my Uncle about many things because of his socialist/liberal views over the past years.  He’s you typical Liberal and I’m enclosing an email so you can get some idea of how they think.  I hope you enjoy this little insight into the rational of a Liberal who blames Republicans for everything and Democrats for nothing.

Democrats in Congress are working to renew 98% of the Bush tax cuts next year.  Republicans want to renew 100% of the tax cuts.  So what’s the 2% difference?  It’s the highest 2%–the super rich and the most huge corporations.  Do you earn $1 million a year?  No–not whether you HAVE $1 million in assets.  Do you make $1 million in earnings every year?  If you do, YOU are who the Republicans in Congress DEMAND must have their tax cuts renewed.  The Democrats want everyone who makes LESS  than $1 million a year to continue to receive these tax cuts.  Well, that would be me.  Is that you?
  This difference between the Democrats and the Republicans in Congress shows the true constituents and actually the MASTERS of the Republican Party are the super rich and giant corporations, multi-millionaires and such “Too Big to Fail” corporations as Goldman Sachs, British Petroleum (BP), United Healthcare, Archer Daniels Midland, Haliburton, and Massey Coal.  Who, then, are the Republicans in Congress deliberately (and hypocritically) actually working as hard as they can AGAINST?  Well, the answer is:  each and every one of us in the 98%–we who do NOT make $1 million every year or are NOT a member of a giant corporation.
  Not true?  Well, how about this?  Republicans in Congress always CLAIM they are working for SMALL businesses.  However, recently in the Senate, Democrats tried to pass a bill enabling banks to free up and provide much needed credit SPECIFICALLY to SMALL businesses.  Who BLOCKED this bill?  Yep.  The Republicans (and ONLY the Republicans).
  What if you are a teacher, a fire fighter, or a police officer?  A bill providing $26 billion to prevent 100,000+ teachers, fire fighters, and police officers in our country from losing their jobs this fall just passed in the Senate and was signed into law.  Who voted en masse AGAINST this bill?  Uh, let’s see…Republicans?  Yes.  But WHY?  This bill was actually PAID FOR.  It was paid for by closing tax loopholes for giant multi-national corporations who ship American jobs OVERSEAS.  Simple.  The Republicans were just voting for who they REALLY work for.
  What about American manufacturing?  (Goldman Sachs manufactures nothing–except the disaster called “derivatives.”)  General Motors and Chrysler are expanding and hiring, after having paid back all the money they were given to help them survive.  Who shouted that they should NOT be saved last year?  You got it.  The Republicans.  I guess they forgot that in World War II we almost instantaneously converted to making airplanes, tanks, deuce-and-a-half trucks, and jeeps BECAUSE we had homegrown car manufacturers.  I guess they did not realize that for every assembly-line job created, another five or more are created among parts supply companies.  I guess Republicans would rather support FOREIGN manufacturing rather than AMERICAN manufacturing.
  Have you lost your job (not to mention your house, your car, your insurance, and your family) during this Great Recession and are still searching desperately for work?  To keep you from complete disaster, Congress has passed a number of extensions to unemployment benefits that you PAID FOR when you paid unemployment insurance premiums through all the years you worked.  Who voted solidly AGAINST each and every one of these life-saving extensions?  Could it be?  That’s right.  The Republicans.
  Remember the insanely reckless irresponsibility of the Wall Street “Too Big to Fail” banks?  Who voted AGAINST the (rather modest) Financial Reform Law designed to protect us from these banks’ toxic craziness?  The Republicans.
  Economically, the Republicans in Congress are the bought and paid for servants of the super rich and huge corporations, the topmost 2%.  So why do Republicans accept the renewal of the Bush tax cuts for the “bottom” 98%?  Because even Republicans realize this is the “quid pro quo” necessary to serving their true masters:  the highest 2%.  On many issues, the positions of the entire spectrum of Republicans are all over the map.  But on each and every economic issue, EVERY Republican stands adamantly AGAINST 98% of Americans.  Did you make $1 million last year?
  Leading up to the midterm elections in November, you will hear Republican candidates for Congress vehemently professing their tireless commitment to bettering economic conditions for middle and working-class people.  But look at how Republicans have VOTED in Congress.  If you look at what Republicans in Congress SAY against what Republicans in Congress DO, you will find only one word which tells what they actually are:  LIARS.

 I care very much for him but his way for Government just is completely different from mine.  He has said that Obama wasn’t far enough to the left, I would say he’s too damn far from the middle and most Americans.

Libertys Warrior

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I'm from Mesa,AZ and very involved in local politics. I like to read, like just about all sports and also hunt/fish.
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1 Response to My Liberal Uncle

  1. Jerry says:

    Who controlled congress when it was approved to steal my social security funds?
    Who controlled congress when it approved to force me to have health insurance and pay for illegals insurance as well?
    Who controlled congress when we got into Viet Nam?
    Who controlled congress when banks were forced to give out loans to unqualified applicants leading to our current mess?

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