Governor Brewers letter to H. Clinton

 This is just another case of how this administration seems to believe the UN is important to the people of the United States of America.  Our laws that our Federal and States pass should have nothing to do with them for we only answer to God and our Constitution. It seems to me that Obama along with his administration seem to need UN approval for what needs to be done here.  This NWO mentality of circumventing the Constitution is dangerous and borderline of Treason to their oaths.  They call protecting our borders, our lives, our economy and everything else about the rights of people who aren’t citizens.  We treat the people who have crossed into our Country pretty good compared to other Nations who probably don’t report to the UN.  Just try sneaking across into Iran, Libya, N Korea and so on, then you will know what violating human rights really is.

 The UN may have served a purpose once but know it seems to have become about trying to govern people the same.  We aren’t the same, we have different laws, we have different governments, we have too many differences to govern as one.  It shouldn’t matter whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or Independent that our Constitution should trump any foreign body or group.  This just seems to be another attempt to say we know better than you and your just too stupid, so we must save you from yourself.  To keep us strong we must as Michael Savage has said: Language, Borders and Culture to survive as a Nation.  Our Language is English, Our Borders are defined but not protected and our Culture seems to be under attack.

 The President and his administration may need UN approval, the American people however don’t need, seek or want it.  I would pull us out tomorrow of the UN for without the United States it would be meaningless and they know it. So read Governor Brewers letter below to Secretary Clinton, It’s a shame she had to write this in the first place.

brewers letter to Clinton

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