A email from someone who attended the Restoring Honor Rally

 I want to thank David for sending me this email, Wish I could have been there myself.

Well, this is day two after the rally.  Still taking some time soaking
things up.  My family’s journey starts a few days before the rally.
We had arrived in DC on Wednesday night and on Thursday we started
seeing the sites on the National Mall.  We were wearing some Restoring
Honor shirts that my mother made for us with the words “Restoring
Honor 8/28” on the front and the names of my cousin, Jeremiah
Robinson, KIA Iraq War, Luke Robinson Navy, Jake Robinson Marine
Corps, and Micah Mehan (my brother) 82nd Airborne on the back. I bring
this up because as we walked around Washington DC, there wasn’t 10
minutes that went by when someone didn’t comment on our shirts.  We
met so many people the days before that it was almost surreal.  Every
single monument, museum, metro station, restaurant, etc, etc, was
filled with concerned citizens waiting for the big event.  The night
before we visited the Lincoln Monument, and there were already
thousands of people who were going to spend the night there on the
mall.  Glenn Beck came by that night and was greeted like a celebrity.
The next morning, we finally made it to the rally around 6:30 am that
morning.  We posted up on the west side of the Reflecting Pool about
half way down from the Lincoln Monument.  By about 7:30 am, the
reflecting pool was already filled up with people.  We met so many
good, friendly people in the time that we waited for the rally.
Everyone was in such good spirits and one could just feel the love in
the air, as corny as that sounds.  When the rally finally started at
10 am, the reflecting pool and the field next to it was filled up all
the way to the Washington Monument.  We started the day with the
Pledge of Allegiance, followed by the Star Spangled Banner.  After
that, we opened in a wonderful prayer by a combination of religious
leaders.  We had a surreal moment as the prayers finished, a flock of
geese flew in perfect V shape past the Washington Monument, down over
the Reflecting pool, and over the Lincoln Memorial.  We think it was
God’s way of giving us a military flyby.  The crowd gasped in silence,
then cheered the geese on in a roaring applause.  After that, Glenn
started the rally by honoring the troops with a speech by a woman from
the SWOF, followed by a speech by Sarah Palin, then the awarding of
the merit badges.  After that we had wonderful, amazing speech by Dr.
Alvida King that sparked a fervor in the crowd that lasted all day.
Then we had the keynote speech by Glenn Beck and a call to restoring
God and honor to our country.  All in all, it was much more of a
religious experience than anything else.  There was nothing political
in any of the speeches.  It was all about love, honor, God, and
country.  We honored the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, and his
message was well received.  A fitting endcap of the day was Amazing Grace being played over bagpipes with the whole crowd singing.  It was so fitting because the author, John Newton, was working on a slave ship when he had his conversion experience and wrote the song, to which he praised God and realized the error of his ways.
After the rally there was an hour long
concert that we hung around for while the crowd slowly dispersed. It
is now Monday and we are here in DC for one more day.  We are still
running into people all over the place that are talking and still
enjoying the events of the rally.  It was an amazing event to be a
part of.  I have a ton of pictures and video that I can get to you
when I get home.  Some are on my facebook page, which I think you can
download.  Well, that is the short of it.  There was so much that I am
sure I forgot a few things.  Our running joke of the day was as a few
people were afraid for Glenn’s safety, we found out that Chuck Norris
was at the rally.  God and Chuck protected all of us:)
Proud to be an American,
David Mehan

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I'm from Mesa,AZ and very involved in local politics. I like to read, like just about all sports and also hunt/fish.
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