NAACP is watching us

Do you feel the tingle on your neck?

 The supposedly civil rights group NAACP has called for groups to start monitoring all the tea party groups around the country.  In conjunction with partners ThinkProgress, George Soros’ Media Matters and a group called New Left Media.  This site at claims to monitor the tea party since all of his are redneck racists who are being fooled by right-wing radicals.  They where at the Restoring Honor rally and they pointed out the t-shirts that where offensive to them.  They just wanted to make sure that the people who believe the liberal progressive lies could be comforted that everyone in the crowd our fools.  If you go to any rally no matter what the cause if you dig hard enough and look you will find those few people who fit the stereotype you’re looking for.

 This group of people who fund these groups don’t care about the true message of the tea party and wish to destroy it completely. The two gentleman who run New Left Media (Chase Whiteside and Erick Stoll) walked through the Restoring Honor crowd finding what suited their purpose. This is the typical process of the left progressive liberals who care nothing of the truth to further the agenda of Socialism. They now know that the cause of progressives has lost steam across the nation, their leader has lost the message with main street. I would encourage anybody to attend a local tea party meeting and get to know the people who are worried about the direction of our Country.  The problem isn’t just with Democrats, Republicans have failed us as well and we are just looking for new people to stand for the Constitution along with the American People.

 They also pointed out that the rally of Restoring Honor was mostly white, well let me fill them in why so they can understand.  You have broadcast on liberal media, liberal newspapers, liberal blogs for many years that conservatitves hate people of color.  It’s unfortunate that so many people of color in the Country have bought into the lies for they all would have been welcome.  How many arrests last Saturday? How many incidents of Racism? Was anyone of color turned away or not allowed to come? We know the answers to these questions but the liberal media keeps on tooting the horn that everyone who is connected to the tea party is Racist.  If you tell a lie enough times people will begin to believe it.

Libertys Warrior

Restoring Honor Rally- Dr. Alveda King

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