Common Sense: Our Government has lost theirs

This is just another example of the stupidity of how the Federal Government is working against lawful people.  A little common sense was all that would be needed here for them to not persue someone who isn’t a criminal.

1) One Paul Copeland was a private citizen at an Austin, TX, gun show in Jan 2010

2) He was there selling a handfull of firearms. Which, as a US citizen, he’s perfectly within his rights to do without obtaining a FFL or any such nonsense.

3) A group of undercover ATF agents as well as Austin PD were at the gun show and observed a group of four Hispanic males. “The agents observed only one member of the group was speaking English, and that the men were avoiding the licensed gun dealers at the show. These observations led the agents to believe that the men might be illegal aliens.”

4) One of the Hispanics (”Aviles”) wanted one of Copelands guns. After the usual haggling, Aviles agreed to buy the gun.

5) Copeland asked to see Aviles identification.

6) Aviles refused to show it.

7) Another one of the group (”Huerta”) produced a seemingly valid Texas drivers license. Aviles gave the money to Huerta, who then bought the pistol from Copeland.

8 ) Huerta then gave the pistol to Aviles. Copeland saw this and objected that he had sold the pistol to Huerta.

9) The ATF agents saw this, and rightly noted that this is what’s known as a “straw purchase…” when someone who is legally notallowed to buy a gun gives the money to someone who is, who then buys it for the other person and gives it to them. This is a federal crime. The criminals here, however, are the straw *purchasers.*

10) The ATF agents stopped Aviles outside of the gun show and determined that he was an illegal alien.

11) The ATF agents then hassled Copeland, claiming he’d sold a firearm to an illegal alien. Copeland countered that he’d sold it to the guy with the apparently valid Texas drivers license.

12) The ATF confiscated all his weapons (the ones for sale as well as the one he was wearing) and let him leave.

13) On March 2, 2010, Copeland was indicted on charges of selling a firearm to an illegal alien, arrested on March 22. At trial, Huerta was brought in as a witness, admitted to being an illegal, admitted to the straw purchace… and was allowed to simply walk out of the courtroom. He has apparently not been arrested for his federal firearms crime *or* for being an illegal alien.

14) Copeland was convicted in federal court on July  20, 2010, and sentenced on August 27 to six months in a “work camp.”

Let me sum up: Copeland was arrested for selling a firearm to someone with a seemingly valid ID. He had no way to determine the legal status of Huerta, Aviles or anyone else. The ATF agents made a preliminary determination that the group of Hispanic males were worth watching as potential illegals because of the way they looked and spoke.

It seems to me that anyone who now wants to discriminate against Hispanics – or pretty much anyone, I suppose – now has a legal precedent for it: simply wave these news articles in the face of anyone who complains. According the the US FedGuv, American citizens will face arrest and conviction if they do business with anyone who *might* be an illegal.

The obvious joke here would be for someone to refuse to serve President Obama a hamburger because he *might* be an illegal.

I find this whole story ironic since the federal government deals with them, let’s people go who by being here illegally are breaking the law.  Allows citites to protect illegal aliens everyday and goes after any law enforcement trying to stop illegal immigration.

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I'm from Mesa,AZ and very involved in local politics. I like to read, like just about all sports and also hunt/fish.
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