Stand up America, You are being threatend

Is anybody paying attention

  We are making a stand the Mosque at ground zero not be built out of respect for all those who perished on that day. Now IMAM RAUF threatens the people of the United States that we will be attacked if the Mosque is built anywhere else.  This sounds like a threat to me, When did we lose are backbone as a Nation who stands up against thugs who threaten us.  This has no gone way past religion for me, Are we going to back down to people who threaten to kill our children. How many times has this country sacrificed our young men and women to protect the people of Muslim faith around the world. Where has this gotten us? absolutely nowhere is where. They burn our flag, disrespect our Country and threaten to destroy our Nation almost everyday somewhere around the World. Enough is Enough

 All we hear from the media is we should be tolerant, respectful and etc to the Muslims, Why?  Have they done anything to deserve my respect or tolerance? I guess if bombing marine barracks in Beruit or bombing the world trade center (twice) or the African embassy or the USS Cole or The Pentagon or killing all the innocent people on 9/11.  Why should any American put up with this one moment longer for the sake of appeasing people who don’t seek our appeasement. It seems the progressive left in this Country will attack Christians relentlessly and yet support Muslims who would kill them just the same if given the chance. America and Americans had better grow a pair, start standing up to these radicals who threaten the citizens of this Country.

 On to our fearless leader who is such a hypocrite on this issue and just in case you all missed it here is why.  When he first commented on the Mosque being built at Ground Zero he said they had the right which under the Constitution they do. He however wouldn’t comment about the wisdom of wanting or if they Mosque should be built at the site of Islamic terrorism.  Then comes a church in Florida wanting to burn the Qur’an and suddenly the entire administration including the president is speaking of the wisdom of doing this.  This church has the right to burn the Qur’an, just like the Imam has the right to build the Mosque but the President only commented about burning the Qur’an. I’m not agreeing with burning the Qur’an but the President is a hypocrite for criticizing burning the Qur’an wisdom and not the building of the Mosque. He may want to appease them but I’m done doing so.

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I'm from Mesa,AZ and very involved in local politics. I like to read, like just about all sports and also hunt/fish.
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