Why build a Mosque at Ground Zero?

Why build a Mosque at Ground Zero?

 The Imam has stated that the Mosque would be used to bring the people of different faiths together rather than separate them.  Then you must have to ask yourself this question, Why build a Mosque so close to Ground Zero in the first place? He knew this would stir the emotion of the American public and don’t accept any other conclusion for the media coverage is what he needed.  The question would be why would anybody be this insensitive to the feelings of all who perished on 9/11?  That is exactly what building it here would do, It wasn’t Islam as a whole religion but it was people of the faith that murdered people on that day.  The problem you have is the past history of Islam of building Mosques near sites of conquests, tearing down other faiths buildings after invasion and so on.  Our objection isn’t to building the Mosque in New York, our objection is the location of it being so close to open wound that hasn’t healed yet and may never.  The anger still is raw even after nine years, those images of that day are still vivid to Americans of that terrible day. Where is the compassion from this Imam? This isn’t about his right to build, it’s about his common decency to build so close to Ground Zero.  The radicals of Islam hate us anyway, nothing will change if you build it here and they can hate us no more by building somewhere else.

 The people who are protesting and speaking out against building here are making that stand for the families of 9/11 victims.  There may be some bigots in the crowd but they are just trying to get the Mosque built somewhere else in the city.  The people who are for the Mosque may believe this will be some symbol of the tolerance of the American people.  This however won’t change the minds of radicals who believe that destroying America and spreading Islams message is the only way. It’s very hard to trust the Islamic world, they have done little to earn our trust. The change of how the West is viewed in the eyes of Muslims will come from within their own faith and not from us.  When the leaders of Islam are silent about condemning terrorist acts and groups, They are sending a message to all who follow.  You can find out a lot about a Muslim if you ask them their thoughts on Hamas or Hezbollah or any other terrorist group. They should condemn them without even thinking about it.

I heard some person on TV say that opposing this Mosque was violating the Constitutional right of the Imam. He is so very wrong, Only a Government official can violate someones Constitutional rights and not another citizen.  The laws we have protect people from each other, the Constitution protects us from the Government.

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