The Tea Party making a difference

Another Big Victory

 Last night Christine O’Donnell defeated a very well-known RINO in Delaware for Senate. Mike Castle was backed by the Republican Party but O’Donnell who got support from the tea party and Palin won the primary.  We have now seen this several times with Rubio in Florida, Miller in Alaska, and several other races where establishment Republicans have been defeated.  The saying is that we don’t want the Republicans taking over the Tea Party, we want the Tea Party to take over the Republican Party. Castle so bitter about losing wouldn’t even endorse her, this clearly points out the problem with the people who are currently serving.  There is many within the Republican party who serve special interest and have forgotten they serve the people of the United States.  The Tea Party’s around the Country are trying to remind them all whom they serve.

 The Republican Party in Delaware has stated they will not support her, This is another sign that change is needed.  Castle used the usual tactics in the campaign, trying to smear O’Donnell while running away from a Liberal voting record over the past eighteen years.  O’Donnell who is a solid Conservative has won a great victory for the Tea Party and for freedom. I say freedom for we just expect that outsiders of the main parties have little chance of winning.  This proves that people can make a difference when there is a common goal no matter if they don’t belong to the establishment system.  We can change the system from within, we just have to work together to remove those who have stopped working for the people.  I hope all the candidates have been paying attention, We are growing stronger with each victory and we aren’t going away.

 I would like to personally congratulate Christine O’Donnell and all the people who worked to help her win the primary. It should be a lesson for all to see, keep up the good work and defeat Chris Coons in November to bring change to Washington.

Blaine A Dunning

Liberty’s Warrior

About blained13

I'm from Mesa,AZ and very involved in local politics. I like to read, like just about all sports and also hunt/fish.
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