Crossroads: Freedom or Tyranny

What will America choose?

 The previous election of Barack Obama has brought out a movement to restore America to its original intent.  We have seen the progressive/socialist/leftists want more big Government at every turn and seem to have no shame in how it gets done.  The Tea Party has made some Americans sit up and take notice to how many politicians from both sides are no longer working for the people.  They are still raked over the coals by the liberal media for being right-wing extremists who want to overthrow the Government.  They aren’t seeking to overthrow anything except the way in which are Government is being ran and the size in which it has become. We have created a group of people who have become dependent on Government and the socialist left wish to keep it that way. We need change but Government has never been the solution, it’s always the problem.

 We have a choice in this election and the following elections to decide which direction this Country continues to move in. Will it be about Freedom or Tyranny?  Freedom is what this Country was founded on from a Government that was no longer listening to the people. This seems to be very familiar with the current situation, except we seek revolution from within.  Our battle is convincing those that believe that Government can solve all these problems, that Government is the solution. Why do you think that Social Security is failing? because we allowed Government to control it. Freedom comes from being personally responsible for your life and the actions that you take.  The Founders had a deep belief in personal responsibility, just look at how much power they left in the hands of the people.  You will find no Governments who gave so much Freedom to its people through our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

 We have failed our Founders intention of limited Government by allowing it to grow out of control.  The powers granted to the three branches of Government have grown by lying to the American public that it’s in your best interest.  We have seen misuse of the commerce clause, activist judges making law instead of ruling on Constitutional grounds, congress spending our money with no regard to the taxpayer.  When we sat silent allowing the Government to make up the rules for the common good we created a monster.  It’s still in our hands for now, we can change the people in Washington and on levels of Government.  You and I will get to decide whether its Freedom or Tyranny?

I encourage everyone to register to vote and vote this November. Do whatever you can to help those you believe in get elected, Silence is Consent!

Blaine A Dunning

Liberty’s Warrior

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About blained13

I'm from Mesa,AZ and very involved in local politics. I like to read, like just about all sports and also hunt/fish.
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