Dream Act: Amnesty Lite

Old Tricks Work The Best

 Harry Reid (D) from Nevada our leader of the Senate is using an old trick to attempt to pass the Dream act. This is basically amnesty for by any other name and would only encourage more illegals to bring their children here illegally.  They want to give citizenship to any illegal who will attend college for two years which taxpayers will most likely pay for most.  The other part of the bill does grant citizenship to any illegal who serves in the military for two years as well.  I would have no problem giving anybody willing to serve our Country a path to citizenship but I think it should be four years instead of two.  There is no way that just attending college for two years should somehow grant you citizenship.  Reid is in a desperate fight for his political life and this is an attempt to appeal to minorities in Nevada.

 The real trick here is attaching this to S.3454, National Defense Authorization Act trying to keep Senators who oppose the act from voting no. This isn’t a new trick and both sides of the aisle have pulled this many times in the past. This truly is an attempt to get votes, make anybody opposing this as being against minorities and get some form of Amnesty passed. They attempt to say these children had no choice in coming here illegally and that is true.  The responsibility comes from the parents who made the choice to break our laws and come illegally.  When there are no consequences to your actions then everyone else will have no reason to follow the law.  We have borders, laws and etc to protect our Country, protect the rights of American citizens who rights should always come first.  You have to ask yourself does Reid and the Democrats really care about the illegals this will grant citizenship or the votes they will cast in the future.

 This whole idea is just a nudge towards comprehensive immigration reform or Amnesty. Obama made this a promise in his campaign, unable to find enough votes to grant Amnesty to all they seek to grant it to some.  This bill isn’t new by the way, it always gets attached to other bills because it would never pass on its own.  Anytime you hear anybody talk about immigration reform it just means a reference to granting Amnesty to anyone here illegally.  We have immigration policy that many people follow and are granted citizenship everyday across this Nation.  They take that oath and become Americans for they earned the right to be called Americans.  We must stay vigilant in opposing Amnesty in any form it comes in, you either come in the right way or you shouldn’t be allowed to come at all.

Blaine A Dunning

Liberty’s Warrior

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