Americans aren’t afraid of hard work

Don’t let them fool you?

 We have seen strange things before in Congress but allowing Stephen Colbert to speak about how hard farm work is seems really strange.  This is once again an attempt from people on left that Americans are afraid of hard work and won’t do certain jobs. This lie has been told so many times that many Americans probably believe it’s the truth.  There have been many past generations who have worked on farms doing these jobs that now we are supposedly to lazy to do.  You should ask yourself that question of whether we are too lazy or is there another reason?

 The real truth behind the reason isn’t the hard work, it’s the pay for that hard work that has made hiring illegals the preferred option.  They will take less money, you can pay them under the table and you don’t have to provide benefits and so on.  Does anybody really think that if offered a farm job that paid well that no American worker would turn it down?  Everyone also knows that keeping pay down for these farm jobs keeps the prices for goods that are produced lower.  The question comes to is this best for everyone involved, it keeps bringing in illegals which cost taxpayers money.  It keeps jobs from Americans who paid properly would do any job to provide for our family’s.  There are plenty of Americans who already work hard on farms everyday across this nation, so don’t be misled from those who say otherwise.

 We should be equally upset at this house subcommittee hearing  Friday for wasting more taxpayer money on something so meaningless.  What really could Colbert tell us about farming, he had his prepared notes and the video edited.  Do you think sitting at his desk on his show prepared him for this assignment?  If you switched jobs from one that you did very little physical labor to the opposite, you would need time to adjust.  The assumption that Americans wouldn’t do any job is arrogant but what do you expect from some in Washington. 

 This is just another example of why Washington needs to be fundamentally changed, not with a socialist agenda but an American one.  The Congress has lost its way and We the People are going to show them the errors of their ways.  Capitalism built this Country despite what you will hear from some, it can be the solution for the dire situation we find ourselves in.  Reagan said it best “Government isn’t the solution, it’s the problem,” how true those words are.  Do remember that our Founders gave the power to us so that the citizens of the United States could fix any problem. Please Vote! for change can happen.

Blaine A Dunning

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I'm from Mesa,AZ and very involved in local politics. I like to read, like just about all sports and also hunt/fish.
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