Broken Government: Can it be fixed?

We must demand real change

 The game has been played over and over again blaming the other party for the troubles our Government has.  The tea party was formed out of this frustration over the Republicans and Democrats blaming each other while doing little to help the American public.  This is the travesty of Washington today, They bleed the American taxpayer dry with endless programs and talk of change.  The change brought on by Obama and his administration is larger Government with more spending. If you’re a socialist/marxist/communist this is exactly what you’re looking for in a Government but the rest of us are looking for something different.  The Constitution was very specific about what our Federal Governments role in our lives was supposed to be.  The growth of the Federal Government and the social programs its support has seen our deficit spending go out of control. Do we have the courage to start electing the right people to make very difficult decisions to change this?

  Will we continue to allow foreign Governments like China, Japan and etc to buy our debt that we leave to our future generations.  You hear the Obama administration blast the Bush tax cuts but why shouldn’t people get to keep their money?  The only explanation is your ideology of a big government controlling as much of the economy as possible.  Spending has never worked getting us out of a recession or depression in the many times it has been tried.  Obama has continued to take more of the economy away from the free market and push for more Government control (healthcare, student loans and so on).  It’s seems clear that his version of change is more Government, the question is can we afford anymore of his change.  Our deficit climbs daily to a place it never should have been allowed to go and Washington acts like nothing seems to be wrong.  Think of your own personal finances when thinking of our national debt, could anybody afford this?

 When they talk about the Bush tax cuts and letting them expire just remember they expect revenue to climb along with public spending.  Do your own fact checking about taxes and when they raise them, FDR raised them during the great depression. Tax revenue actually dropped because people had less money to spend, that is what they never seem to explain properly.  It seems to me a ploy to blame the rich for everything while taking no blame for anything they have done or could have done.  Is really raising taxes the only thing the Democrats have in mind for fixing our budget problems?  We should expect more from our leadership, they are in Washington to make this a better Country for all and not just those who support them.  There are going to be tough decisions to be made and we must start sending the people to Washington who can make them.

 We might have to make serious adjustments, cuts or eliminate some entitlement programs which are bleeding from too many holes.  Every department needs to make cutbacks, we expect our soldiers to make tough decisions on a battlefield are we such cowards to make none.  This Country relied on its families, churches and local organizations for over a hundred years when times got tough.  We now use our Federal Government as a crutch to avoid making tough choices and we are smothering it in the process.  The choice will be ours, send people to make tough choices and fix what all of us have broken or allow its collapse.  What a shameful end that would be, the shining example of Liberty crushed by its own people unable to choose the tough road.

Blaine A Dunning

Liberty’s Warrior

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I'm from Mesa,AZ and very involved in local politics. I like to read, like just about all sports and also hunt/fish.
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1 Response to Broken Government: Can it be fixed?

  1. Nancy says:

    Alan Greenspan remarked last week that the answer is increased taxes WITH decreased spending. The spending this country does just annoys and agitates me. The legislative pay with retirement and other perks. Wealthy people also are recipients of our largesse, not just welfare takers. No, we do not have what it will demand for us to kick the bums out–resolve. We still have McCain. He has some kinda power over us. The Tea Party must prevail–or the U.S. Will fade into mediocrity.

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