Obama should respect the office he holds

Is Obama acting unpresidential?

 We have seen over the past week that President Obama has been attacking the chamber of commerce, American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS for the ads they run.  Obama calls them shadow groups of the Republicans and made an accused them of using foreign money to fund the ads.  Do you know what proof they have that this is going on? NONE! They are making these claims as an attempt to attack groups running ads against the agenda of Obama.  Obama should hold his office in higher standing than to make accusations without one single shred of proof of any wrongdoing.  It seems an act of desperation for a President who is seeing Americans rejecting his fundamentally changing of America.  Obama seems more like an attack dog of the progressive left than the man who holds are most powerful elected position.

 He attacked Rove and Gillespie who neither sit on the board of the Crossroads groups but they raise money for both.  There is nothing wrong with either men raising money for groups which they feel supports their ideas and opposes Obama’s. We have seen Obama and Axlerod along with others stating that the groups should open their donor list to the public.  Why wouldn’t the groups do this to clear their names?  There are several reasons for not opening up the donor list to the public and the main reason is fear of White House possibly going after donors. We are all supposed to be innocent til proven guilty in America last time I checked, so they must come up with proof first. This however isn’t seeming to apply to these groups by the Obama administration because they are opposing his agenda.

Obama once again a hippacrit

  The irony is Obama in his last election and many democrats around the Country receive donations from groups who don’t disclose their donor list either.  Obama received hundreds of millions from groups on the left when running for President but was he requesting the make public their donor list. Of course not, they are benefiting him and the progressive left so it doesn’t matter where that money came from.  You can’t have it both ways Obama, this is once again an example of the arrogance of this administration for do as I say not as I do.  SEIU, AFL-CIO, Tides foundation, Center for American Progress along with many progressive left groups run ads and donate to campaigns. Why aren’t they being asked to open their donor list to the public? Do we really need to guess, I don’t think we do.  There is no doubt we need reform in this area of elections but nobody including the President of the United States should be accusing anybody of wrongdoing without proof.

Respect the office

 We have seen Obama and everybody on the left along with other Democrats blame George W. Bush for just about everything.  Obama has put anything that hasn’t gone right in his administration at his feet and what is Bush’s response, Silence. I have gained some respect for him in this area for never publicly blasting the man who holds his former office.  Just imagine someone blaming and attacking you on your decisions on nearly a daily basis for the past three years if you include during the election. Could any of us hold our tongues while they blame you for everything that goes wrong in the Country. I’ve never been a Bush fan but he has my respect for respecting the Presidency no matter how bad Obama is.

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