What will happen from here?

Will Americans keep up the pressure after the election?

 We have seen with the rise of the Tea Party more people seeming to care about a mid-term election than ever before.  There seems to be many who find Obama and his policies are the wrong thing for America moving forward.  There have been many times in mid-term elections after a new President was elected that Presidents party loses seats in Congress.  We have seen the liberals and progressives claim this as being against a black President rather than his policies.  The question is why people who voted for him in 08′ would now be voting against people within his party.  These people who have switched their opinion of him are now suddenly racist people for not voting for his party.  We have seen this from the liberals for sometime when things get tough in elections, pull the race card and pull the class warfare card.  It seems that many people are waking up to realize that Obama was just the wrong choice for the Country and must be slowed down or stopped completely.

  The Democrats are behind is many races in this election and appears at the least the house will be controlled once again by Republicans.  We have seen the tea party make a difference in many elections from within the Republican party primary’s.  The real wonder is have the Republicans been listening to the frustration and anger of the American voter.  We must hold them to their word, we have already shown them that nobody is totally safe from being voted out of office.  Just by voting in Republicans to stop Obama isn’t the end of the road, We must continue to let our voice be heard.  We can’t afford to once again become silent and allow them to do whatever without any consequences. We must make all members of congress fear the consequences of voting against the Constitution and the will of the people.

Thomas Jefferson said “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”

Will we stay involved?

  This seems to be the really big question, Will the people who have spoken so loudly in this election go back to sleep?  Will the Tea Party survive beyond this election or continue to grow for the 2012 election.  I think we can no longer just vote and depend on our politicians without letting our voices be heard.  I believe the Tea Party is here to stay, I believe there are enough people who are fed up with everyone in Washington.  The Tea Party and many other groups must continue to get people involved in how this Country is ran.  Voting on election day just isn’t enough anymore, everything is just too important to stay silent.  You must find your voice no matter how small it may seem, write an email to your representative, donate to candidates you believe in, attend meetings to hear candidates speak and etc.  Most of the nation which includes myself sat doing nothing while allowing all levels Governments to grow without constraint.  Silence is no longer an option if you truly care what happens to this Country and the future generations of Americans

Blaine A Dunning

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I'm from Mesa,AZ and very involved in local politics. I like to read, like just about all sports and also hunt/fish.
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1 Response to What will happen from here?

  1. Paul Beaird says:

    The long-term work for pro-freedom people is to get this government back under its original Constitutional limits. Why? The Founders had the vision of a free society, one in which free men and women made the choices for their lives individually and government existed, as Jefferson said, only to “secure these rights”. Rights mean freedom of choice and action. The tool they provided for the work of protecting a social atsmophere in which each person is free to work for his own life, liberty and pursuit of happiness was the Constitution. Its Article I, Section 8 specifies 18 authorizations for action and no others. Section 9 qualifies some of those authorizations, further lmiting the government. The Bill of Rights, the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution, were also intended to tell the government some of what it may not do.

    In the 235 years since, the government has come to exceed those authorizations by means of legislation promoted by those who want government to dictate the actions of persons and limit their choices. Socialism, or collectivism, is not merely an economic arrangement; it is the social view that society is to be served by all persons, if they are to be counted as worthy of material support by society.

    In order to do our work, we find that the only way to place this government, once again, back under its original Constitutional limits and achieve the free society envisioned by the Founders is to engage in a political program of Reform by Repeal. All those laws which empower the government to do more than those 18 authorizations must be phased out and repealed.

    This is what we must put in the minds of every person who has attended or listened to a Tea Party event. We must educate them on the Constitution, the view of freedom the Founders had in mind for mankind, and what political actions we must take in order to restore the Constitution to its place as the “rule book” for the federal government.

    This is a long-term project and replaces any emotions which first attracted persons to their local Tea Party organization. So, what must come next is the leaders of all TP groups to organize the education process and the political effort. I recommend American Majority for the second of these.

    You may also consult my posts, which are now on almost 800 Tea Party and other pro-freedom sites on Facebook. They are “Tea Party Declaration of Independence from Political Party Loyalties”, “Tea Party Questions for Political Candidates”, How to Recognize a Pro-freedom Candidate”, “Do Tea Party People Hate?”. At those same sites I have also posted “What is Capitalism?”, “Where are the Arguments to Defend my Rights and Freedoms?”, and “What Atlas Shrugged Offers You”. I am currently working on “How to Make your Tea Party a Political Power”, “The Worship of Need versus the Requirements of Life”, “Two Worldviews: The War for your Freedom”. Soon to be released by my publisher will be my book Will We Win Our Freedom? Tea Party Ammunition.

    Gear up, perfect your training, vote, argue, persuade your neighbors. . .for individual rights, the foundation of freedom.

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