Change Has Come, Now its up to US.

House turned back to Republicans

  On Tuesday the voters decided that President Obama’s hope and change wasn’t exactly what most Americans where looking for.  No matter how the left leaning media will spin this, the election was about the policies of his Presidency.  The stimulus, bailing out GM/Chrysler, Obamacare, doing nothing about Fanny and Freddie, along with other things.  I believe his biggest mistake has been not focusing enough on jobs, could there be a more important issue in the current situation than that.  This election was about Americans putting an injunction to an agenda that the voters simply didn’t want.  Obama may have wanted to fundamentally change America but did America really need to be changed that much.  This was clearly a referendum of Obama on trying to take this Country down a path to bigger Government that many Americans don’t want.

 What can be done?

 The Republicans now have control of the House but Democrats still control the Senate along with the White House.  Will they even be able to pass anything that Obama will sign, will Obama be willing to work with Republicans on anything.  We have seen when they controlled Congress that his unwillingness to even let them have any say on the bills they pushed these first 20 months would say no.  My personal belief is that Obama along with the Democrats in the Senate are going to fight tooth and nail against any legislation that the Republicans try to pass.  The American people are going to really find out about Obama over the next two years about how much he cares about you and me.  Does he care that America apparently doesn’t want his ideas of bigger Government?  We need to start fixing the problems now but I fear that gridlock is unfortunately what we are going to receive.

Our Role

  We have decided that we needed change once again after only two years of Obama/Pelosi heading us deeper into troubled waters. We have sent many new members to the house and some new ones to the Senate in hopes to Obama’s agenda.  We must now hold these new members along with all of Congress to fix the problems we have.  They must figure someway to solve the budget problem once again, it’s happened before so it’s not impossible to imagine.  They must give small, medium and large business the ability to create jobs across the Country to help all Americans.  The budget and jobs should be the first order of business, it should be first, second  and third on the list.  Our job now is to keep putting pressure on all of Congress to stop spending recklessly with our money. To give the tax breaks needed to all business’s that can grow jobs that don’t cost taxpayers money. Our job should never end at the ballot box, just sending them there isn’t enough if they fail us time after time.  They must be warned that we are no longer going to be silent about what they do, how they do it and the consequences of doing nothing.  We the governed have the power and have simply allowed those who govern to recklessly run our Government.  Enough is Enough and we can no longer sit on the sidelines hoping they will do the right thing.  We The People are SILENT NO LONGER.

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I'm from Mesa,AZ and very involved in local politics. I like to read, like just about all sports and also hunt/fish.
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