I Am the American Dream

I Am the American Dream
By Cheri Douglas 

I Am the American Dream!

I was born as a vision out of the hearts and minds of America’s founders and their families, who came to the shores of this continent determined to find a better life.  As they fled government oppression and tyranny, they yearned for a new homeland where they could breathe free.

They hoped against hope that they might find a place where everyone could live securely within a fair rule-of-law, without fear of big government bullies overpowering their lives. I became their dream!

I Am the American Dream.

As my founders dared to dream of me, they saw a life for themselves, free to be exactly who they were and to worship the God who made them that way.  As they worshiped, I began to take on life in their mind’s eye. They envisioned me as a land where their freedom would be treasured equally for everyone as a God-given right, never being handed out by a government as a favor to a select few, or dictated to them against their will.

I Am the American Dream.

As I continued to take shape, Americans got even more excited about me. They began to realize little by little, that this freedom they sought in me, would allow them to use their talents and creativity to make a living and a life for themselves. The seed of creative craziness was planted in my soil.  Americans began to assume that they could follow the passions that God, himself, had woven into the fiber of their being in their mother’s womb.  They saw that every person who wanted to make a difference in this new country, was challenged to greatness by freedom, itself, even if they had to work from sun-up until sundown to achieve it. Because of the creativity unleashed by the shared vision I held high, cures have been found for diseases, fortunes have been built, inventions and arts have enriched lives, people have gotten wonderful educations, food has been sent around the world, and families have lived and worshipped as they chose.

I Am the American Dream.

The best thing about me is, that I am not owned by any one person or clique.  I belong to every American.  When a team of patriots created the Declaration of Independence, the love of me, and sense of ownership was spread to all. The people participated and shared in the investment and commitment to make me real.  “We the People” became the cry of freedom for all who took me as their own.  And, “We the People” set an example of brilliance and excellence that shined like a ray of sunlight around the world, demonstrating that freedom abounds when authority resides with the consent of the governed.

I Am the American Dream.

The fibers of my tapestry were woven most elegantly with threads of pure gold when I was made complete by the writing and ratification to the Constitution of the United States of America. After that I didn’t just hold out hopes for individual freedom and the rule of law any longer, I became it.  I became the reflection of a country thriving on the shared vision of freedom for all. Personal responsibility, commitment, and investment made Americans true owners in their homeland, and in me. An economy based on home and business ownership, hard work and a minimal government evolved to become strongest in the world.

I Am the American Dream.

I have provided many rewards to individuals, teams, and countries.  I have become one of the strongest forces for good in the world. I gladly share my fortunes and resources to bless the poor across the globe…always have and always will! I captured the imaginations of people everywhere around the globe and they began to come from every corner of the world to become Americans. I am spread around the world, not to enlarge America, but to enlarge freedom, as a God-given right to all.

I Am the American Dream.

I am so loved that millions have fought and died for me over the time of my relatively short life. I treasure the blood of every American hero and save every drop as diamonds and rubies among my pure gold threads of my tapestry. These precious gems are proof that I will never die, as long as there are those who will sacrifice their lives to preserve me.  And Americans have truly been living gems where I am concerned. The more I am challenged, the more Americans will sacrifice to make sure I bounce back alive and well. Like gem stones, patriots keep going to the grinder in struggles for me.  I shine more brilliantly with every struggle, aglow with the blood of my fallen heroes and victims who have died at the hands of my enemies. They have brightened America and the world for others, with an unmistakable American beacon that shines even in the darkest times. Because of them, great leaders have called me the light of the world and the shining city on the hill.

I Am the American Dream.

Some people don’t like me. I don’t know why.  Maybe they are jealous of all the crazy fun and joy that emanates from me.  Maybe they fear the loss of control over me if “We the People” really are my owners. Maybe they just feel guilty because they know they didn’t earn me and don’t deserve me? But for whatever reason, I constantly have my detractors and even attackers.  It’s a sad thing too, because my Heavenly father, who inspired me, knows that not one us deserves me. I am His gift, even to those who don’t call Him Lord.  As a gift of God, I am offered freely to all.   The joy that comes from me will flood the soul of anyone who goes to my Father in Heaven to pray with His son Jesus Christ. After all, He made all this possible by grace. No one can earn it.  Not even Patriots.! It’s a pure gift from God.  That’s why…

I Am the American Dream.

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