Government: Deceit, Lies and Your Liberty

Language is the game Government plays

  This is the game our Government on every level plays with the American public everyday to deceive its true intentions. Let us take the pledge from Obama to a pay freeze on Federal employees for the next two years. Obama said this will save 2 billion dollars, this would seem to be good thing until you think about the language and meaning.  All this does is keep from adding to the payroll cost, not saving anything and you see how language is their tool. A true savings would be a cut to the federal payroll, by either eliminating jobs or decreasing pay and benefits. If you tried this of course the Unions would come out screaming and for such a small majority they seem to carry much weight. They will probably still get a cost of living increase or merit increase or job performance increase. Do remember it’s about language, deceit and lies to keep Americans in the dark about truth. The last thing that Obama and the liberals would ever want to do is decrease the size of Government for that hurts the agenda of saving all of us. You see the liberal ideology is we are too stupid or just don’t know what is best for ourselves.  They will never use this language but you can see the meaning in the bills they pass or try to pass, in the areas of business they wish to control.

 If you look at Obamacare, what was the goal here? Was it just to get control of our Healthcare or get everybody insured.  The goal was both for sure and they achieved that goal despite the will of the American public.  They said it would cut cost, they had no way to back this up and now we already see this to be a lie. They said there was no death panel in the bill, this however is also a lie if you end up on the Government plan. Which is exactly what Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the rest of the progressive liberals want.  If you are in the Government plan lets say, you are a 85-year-old man and have a life threatening illness that your chances of survival is 10%. Your doctor must refer to a Government panel of doctors through HHS to review the best course of action. They will make the decision of whether this person gets treatment or just sent home to his fate. Sounds like a death panel to me, why should any doctor ever have to confer with the Government about the course of treatment.  The doctor could ignore the panel but then risk not being paid for pursuing treatment they didn’t authorize. You as this person would then be responsible for paying for the possible life saving treatment yourself.  This is 100% plausible under the plan but you will never hear those that wrote this monstrosity say that, Will You.

It’s the small things

 We see the latest attack on personal liberties with the scanners and pat downs. Do you think the American public wouldn’t have been raising this as a problem before if they knew all the details before it was enacted. They don’t want to take your liberties in big chunks, they just want to keep chiseling away at them slowly.  Look at this new food bill, just take a little more freedom away for the Government always knows best about what you should eat.  They ares supposed to protect us, not spoon feed us what they feel is right but that has never stopped them once. The Patriot Act, Financial take over bill, Government Motors, Food Safety Act, Obamacare, TSA, Cap and Trade, Stop drilling for oil anywhere. Does any of this stuff help us? Is any of this stuff necessary? When will it be enough?

 The liberals have brainwashed many into thinking Government is who has the answers for what ails them. Government, especially on the federal level is supposed to protect not dictate anybody’s life.  They protect my rights and my life so everyone can pursue whatever they want under our laws. Higher education isn’t a right, neither is health care and the same for having a job. These along with many others are about personal responsiblity and the choices that we must make for ourselves.  Government is supposed to protect these choices, not offer them, not create them, not stifle them, not interfere with them. We must realize that the bigger Government becomes, the smaller we ourselves and lose more liberty.

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3 Responses to Government: Deceit, Lies and Your Liberty

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  2. martin says:

    It’s the proverbial frog-in-slowly-heating-water scenario. As for me, I’m already boiling.

  3. justturnright says:

    Been fighting this since the discussion began. The SC may overturn it (God willing), but if they don’t, we’re gonna need to put a LOT of pressure on the new president to get it done.

    And by new president, I mean: the guy who will replace Obama this year!

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