Dream Act its still a bad idea

Amnesty by another name

The vote will most likely be this week for a cloture vote, call your senator. here is a link for Senators that are thinking of voting yes.   http://www.standwitharizona.com/dream.html

Once again this act comes around again, the Democrats know that once the new congress is seated that this bill has no chance.  It should have no chance now for the act itself is amnesty for some and will encourage others to continue entering the United States illegally.  The one thing you hear the Democrats saying that people who are here illegally that serve in our military deserve a path to citizenship. What most don’t know is that serving in our military as a foreign national already gives you a path to citizenship.

If you are a member of the U.S. Armed Forces and are interested in becoming a U.S. citizen, you may be eligible to apply for citizenship under special provisions provided for in the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).  Becoming a Citizen in the U.S. Military by Rod Powers.

 So anybody serving in the military already has an advantage for citizenship, don’t be fooled by the Democrats and the others supporting this bill.  This act is mostly about granting citizenship for illegals who attend college for two years, wow two whole years. It is another attempt to make you feel sorry for the kids of parents who broke the law coming here, broke the law by getting a job and now you must pay.  I realize they were brought here by their parents through no fault of their own but should we be rewarding children of parents who broke our laws.  Is there never any consequences to the actions of the parents, knowing they where bringing them here illegally.  They say by not supporting this act that we are against immigration, are racist and on they go trying to make you feel guilty for standing up for what you believe. I’m not opposed to immigration, just not for illegal immigration no matter which country you come from.  We are a nation of laws and the current one says that entering the United States with the purpose of staying that you must have permission of the United States.  Their parents knew this and now we are supposed to say that entering this country illegally is okay and without consequences. 

 The next question is why does two years of college make someone a better person for citizenship? It doesn’t, they just can’t bring themselves to say what the bill is truly about. AMNESTY!  On top of that, the Federal Government (aka taxpayers) will probably be paying for their college since they now give out the student loans.  We are also well aware that the Democrats are after votes and new voters, so they have other reasons as well.  You must also remember that once someone becomes a citizen they can sponsor family members.  We have to deal with illegals in this country but granting them AMNESTY! isn’t the solution for it will encourage more to break our immigration laws.  If there never is any guilt placed on those entered illegally, never a price to pay for breaking our laws, then we will continue to have problems.

So call your Senator and tell them to say no on the Dream Act!

Blaine A Dunning

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I'm from Mesa,AZ and very involved in local politics. I like to read, like just about all sports and also hunt/fish.
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6 Responses to Dream Act its still a bad idea

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  2. John Handforth says:

    If the parents committed a murder, would we execute the children? Of course not, but we should not excuse or reward children of lawbreakers. My parents came to this Country illegally in 1952. The difference is that they both spoke three languages and my father came here on a job transfer.
    My parents eventually both worked, but my mother stayed home until they could make arrangements for my care after school. They paid their taxes, obeyed all other laws AND DIDN’T ASK FOR ANY FREE SERVICES. They even paid for my snacks and lunch in school.
    I had always thought that we were Americans and my DD214 shows that I was an American citizen while I served. I became a naturalized citizen at age 62. Yes, my parents were wrong, but they paid their bills, spoke the language, worked, paid their taxes and stayed out of trouble.
    Is Los Angeles guilty of racial profiling when they list more than half of their ten most wanted criminals as Hispanic?

    • blained13 says:


      You have hit upon my biggest problem with the current problem with illegal immigration in the United States. In the past when people came here illegally and legally they didn’t burden the taxpayer. Your parents came looking for a life but not at the expense of others, this can’t be said of too many who are coming here illegally now. They come expecting a hand out, I’m not opposed to immigration for it is been part of our history. Giving someone citizenship for two years of college that taxpayers will most likely pay for is something I believe is wrong.

      I believe in jefferson idea of if it doesn’t pick my pocket or break my leg and this will certainly be picking my pocket.

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  4. Everything should be made as simple as possible … but not simpler.

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