They obviously haven’t learned anything.

They must truly don’t care what we think

 You would have thought that the Democrats and congress would have taken the message of the November election to heart.  One of the greatest rejections of current policies across the Country on all levels of Government with a few exceptions.  Now we see congress has waited to pass some very unpopular and damaging bills in the lame duck session. Do we even have to guess why Reid, Pelosi and Obama would wait until the election is over to pull this once again.  They know that the election would possible been even worse in their favor by passing bills that the people where rejecting before the election. They are trying one last time to eat from the trough before the new congress is seated and much of this madness will stop.  The arrogance of these people never ceases to amaze me, they refuse the will of the American people.  How can they possible imagine that continued spending and growing the deficit will help the Country.

 The tax deal for which many Republicans voted on in the Senate is an example of a bad deal and not standing on principle. Jim DeMint one who clearly sees the flaws in this deal and I agree that even if we can’t get the estate tax part, does anybody think Obama could veto a bill keeping taxes for all in place.  DeMint comes out against tax deal, says GOP must do ‘better than this’ We should be sending a big thank you to Senator DeMint for standing on his principles and not caving in. All you need to know about how the Democrats care little for cutting spending is this. DeMint offered an amendment to cut some other federal programs to pay for the extra spending in the tax deal.  They voted down the amendment almost completely on party lines, wouldn’t it have made since to cut some things to pay for the extra spending. In the end they simply care little for what the voters had to say last month and seem to care little about what we say today.

 Using the lame duck session isn’t a new idea but clearly they have saved some extra special bills for this one. The Tax Deal, Omnibus Spending Bill, Dream Act, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell are the headliners for this lame duck session.  separately they are a handful but attempting to get all this done by January 5 when the congress is seated is disgraceful. Think of the fact that Reid has had the majority all year and the Democrats have control of the house.  Why would you wait to pass spending for next year until after the election, why wait on the taxes and don’t ask, don’t tell. They clearly saw the numbers, new they where going to lose seats and couldn’t afford to pass them before the election. They have been trying to get the Dream Act passed since Bush was in office, should never be passed under any President.  So now they can get people on their way out of office who hold no loyalty to the people who sent them to Washington in the first place to vote without consequences. We must remind ourselves and all voters when the election of 2012 comes around of these disgraceful attempts to ram through bills once again. We can’t remain silent and we must not forget those who are betraying the American people by ignoring our will.  We the governed are silent no longer and we can no longer be blind or turn a blinds eye to what Washington is doing.

Liberty’s Warrior

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I'm from Mesa,AZ and very involved in local politics. I like to read, like just about all sports and also hunt/fish.
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1 Response to They obviously haven’t learned anything.

  1. Excellent thoughts on the Lame Duck Session. It is completely “DISGRACEFUL” as you say, that people we voted to Represent us are doing everything they can in just a few weeks to undermine the vast majority of the American People.

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