Independent Payment Advisory Board- Another reason Obamacare must go!

What is the Independent Payment Advisory Board?

 The purpose of this board to control cost of Medicare by a 15 members appointed by the President which must be confirmed by the Senate. The Secretary of HHS, the Administrator of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and the Administrator of the Health Resources and Services Administration serve ex officio as nonvoting members. You would think this sounds like a good thing right but when you dig into the power granted to this group it gets ugly. Why would you need to appoint a separate committee to this task when you could just appoint 15 Senators to do this job? Power and Control!

Three bad things about IPAB

 The first one is no congressional oversight of any kind about what this committee does or proposes to do. We must remember that all spending is supposed to come from the House but here once again a committee outside of congressional review.

 The second one is no judicial review of recommendations or changes they make no matter if it violates part of the Constitution. You basically would have to abide by whatever they decide and Congress along with courts could have no say.

 The third one is this committee can’t be repealed through any legislation, so once this whole mess of Obamacare gets rolling it may be here to stay. This one certainly violates the Constitution and is being challenged in the Florida lawsuit currently in the courts.

 The more that we keep finding out about Obamacare to create Government programs, agencies, grants and etc, the more it needs to be repealed. It’s challenges in the Federal Courts could only strike certain parts of the law and not the whole thing.  Obama is never going to veto any bill that would repeal this monstrosity of bad ideas that is Obamacare. We must look forward to make changes in the Senate and the President to finally rid the American public of Obamacare and replace with reasonable legislation.

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1 Response to Independent Payment Advisory Board- Another reason Obamacare must go!

  1. Andy D says:

    We need to get Obamacare repealed as quick as possible.

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