A Nightmare in Tucson

The Day After

I would like to send my prayers out to the people and family’s of yesterdays shooting, we are all thinking of you. What a terrible day for my state and my Country once again by the hands of a disturbed person attacking innocent people. Even today, the events of yesterday still seem to be unreal in the minds of so many. Jared Loughner from all accounts seems to be a very disturbed young man who committed this horrible act of violence. We don’t know his motivation yet for killing six people and wounding thirteen people but many have already started blaming others. It may be the times we live in but we should all wait for the proper authorities to give us motive. To speculate, accuse or suggest blame is not only irresponsible but is also dangerous to others.

This however didn’t stop the Liberal media from jumping on everybody who opposes them from being the cause of the shooting. There is no need to list the people they accuse, they have cue cards with them written down for easy access. The facts are never important to people pushing an agenda of stopping a political rival even if it’s on the backs of a tragedy. It should have been a day of prayer, thinking of the victims, reflecting on the days events and never should have been used for political gain. We saw it from all angles yesterday, bloggers, MSNBC, CNN and many others starting the blame game. The more I watched yesterday, the more upset I became about how the media which even included FOX was using the tragedy. When did a crazy person become something other than a crazy person, I guess it’s when you can use something to advance an agenda.

Will this day change anything?

I’m an active member of a local tea party and much of the media is laying this tragedy at our feet. It has been the agenda of the left media to paint us all as racist, violent and etc in an attempt to stop us from protesting our Government. We are only seeking a change in how our Government is ran, not to overthrow it or violently change it.  There have been thousands of rally’s across the Country and nobody is talking about using violence for any reason or at any time. We seek peaceful change, sure we have gotten upset and who wouldn’t when nobody was listening to our grievances. There are always going to people inside any group of people who take things too far or do something violent. Is this supposed to reflect upon everyone in the group if one person does something, it shouldn’t but the media doesn’t play that way anymore.

I saw one reporter ask FBI Director Mueller about the fact that Arizona is now has an open carry law. What does that matter? Does anybody think this would have stopped him from bringing his gun? He purchased the gun legally last year but does anybody believe he couldn’t have found one illegally if he needed to? I know all the anti-gun crowd will be rail against the second amendment once again saying all guns should be banned. We have banned drugs in this Country, you can find them on the streets in America today. If you banned guns here all you would do is make an illegal market for them. I would also like to point out that Giffords is a gun rights supporter, owns a gun and knows how to use it.  The question of whether being shot changes her mind about this is something we shall have to see.

I will keep all the victims of yesterdays shooting in my thoughts and prayers, praying that this never to happen again. We have many differences about different things, they are never solved with violence.

Blaine A Dunning

Liberty’s Warrior


Stand with Arizona


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I'm from Mesa,AZ and very involved in local politics. I like to read, like just about all sports and also hunt/fish.
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3 Responses to A Nightmare in Tucson

  1. Jerry says:

    Generating controversy has become the bread & butter of the media. Those who own the media outlets have left news reporting behind and opted for opinion influencing. It appears that the Tuscon shooter was a hate filled leftist. (Check Atlas Shrugs) I doubt that you will ever hear about that. Instead the emphasis will be shifted to gun rights issues.

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  3. Linda Snyder says:

    I am a Christian and will continue to pray for the victims of this senseless attack. I will also pray that the American people will lose there blindfolds concerning the liberal media.

    I had no doubt that the liberal media would attack the Tea Party. The socialist agenda wants the members of the Tea Party to be violent. I have an e-mail from our Tea Party asking that all members pray for the families of the victims in this tragedy. There is no violence in prayer.

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