Liberal Media should be ashamed

Why so quick to judge?

 The terrible shooting of last Saturday brought out vicious attacks on just about every conservative in talk radio, including Sarah Palin and the Tea Party.  Paul Krugman was the first to blame the so-called climate of hate that sparked the shooting rampage in Tucson. He had no facts, no information, no leads that anything that happened was because of anybody other than a madman. Krugman, along with all his pals at MSNBC couldn’t wait to throw everybody who disagrees with them under the bus. The despicable so-called journalism that took place is beneath contempt for being an honest reporter/columnist or tv anchor. The liberal media ran with it and kept running until the facts started to bite them in the ass.  My anger with these people is beyond belief for blaming anybody but a deranged killer for his actions.  My anger won’t be used as they would report it but to continue my fight to stop the lies from liberal media, bloggers and etc.

 Their whole attack on Palin about using crosshairs in nothing new, democrats have done the same in previous elections.  They told everybody not to jump to conclusions about the Fort Hood shooter about being a Jihadist.  They however didn’t take their own advice to rush a judgement and plowed into all conservatives around the Country.  They call for the political rhetoric to be toned down with one hand and screaming we are the devil with the other.  Why should anybody take any one of these people seriously?  The actions of one man have never represented a group, unless you’re a liberal and it completely serves your purpose.  In a time of great tragedy the American Liberal Media acted like tyrannical thugs preaching the same hate they claim to disavow.

My heart and prayers go out to all the victims of last Saturday, May God grant you peace.

Blaine A Dunning

Liberty’s Warrior

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I'm from Mesa,AZ and very involved in local politics. I like to read, like just about all sports and also hunt/fish.
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