Dealing with Egypt’s uprising for Democracy

Did Obama miss an opportunity?

 We have seen over the past couple of weeks the many events around the middle east calling for changes in governments. Tunisia, Jordan, Yemen and most of all Egypt, whose government we have supported for decades. Hosni Mubarak had kept the peace with Israel and we did little to help true Democracy come to Egypt.  We have made deals before with people like Mubarak and they always seem to come back to haunt us.  I think that Obama missed an opportunity to truly express our feelings of Democracy and issue a warning to those seeking control of Egypt.

 I believe that Obama should have said we support all who are seeking freedom, liberty and justice for all of their people. Those who are seeking a new Government that will bring freedom to its people, by allowing all to have a voice. To state that America should and would support any nation seeking these changes for the cause of freedom. That the changes needed must come from peaceful transitions of power, not from violence on either side. That we would and do denounce the use of violence against the citizens of any nation peacefully protesting for change. That attacks on civilians, journalists, public and private buildings aren’t the proper way for this change to happen. We must be a champion of freedom, unafraid to make tough statements, unafraid to make a stand for freedom.

 I think he should also include a warning to those seeking power only to restrict freedom once they have gained it. He should have said that the United States was committed to keeping the peace in the middle east. That any unprovoked act of terrorism against an ally of the United States wouldn’t be tolerated.  The United States will stand with our friends against their enemies who are seeking their destruction. We will help any nation seeking freedom but will stand against nations seeking tyranny!

 Even though I disagree with him on many things, I could have been proud to stand behind a President with the courage to say the above. I don’t believe Reagan would have had the problem with the above and that is why Obama is no Reagan, never will be!

Liberty’s Warrior


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I'm from Mesa,AZ and very involved in local politics. I like to read, like just about all sports and also hunt/fish.
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