Obama doesn’t get it

Obama is not centrist

 Can somebody please remind the President that our last election was about the American people wanted a change. The change was in spending coming from Washington, apparently Obama wasn’t paying attention or simply doesn’t care what we think. He sends a 3.7 Trillion dollar budget with 1.65 trillion in addition deficit to be added and expects us to jump for joy. He raised taxes in certain areas, increases spending and doesn’t do any cuts. The arrogance of this man and his regime astounds me that no matter what the American public wants or needs doesn’t seem to matter.  We sent the new congress to make cuts, some are already starting to seem meek in making the difficult decisions that must be made. You either lead or get the hell out-of-the-way and let someone with the backbone to do the Peoples work.  Obama is laying the tracks to a nightmare scenario of bankrupting the greatest nation while claiming to protect it.

 Where is the rage from those in congress about the President not listening to what the people are saying. The time for political correctness has come to pass, stand up for the American public who sent you to help us. We are at the crossroads of a disaster, two speeding trains racing towards each other and Obama is increasing the speed.  Is there so few in Washington with the courage to say Mr. President you budget is wrong and dangerous to the well-being of the Country. Is nobody listening? Does nobody care? Why are spending so much effort for nothing? Where is our Rage as they seemingly do nothing while our Country is flushed down the drain with debt.

 I think everybody knows that at some point this will have to stop, the question is will there be anything left when it happens?  We can’t wait ten years, five years and maybe not even two years to start making the tough choices.  The pain from cuts will affect everyone from the top to the bottom but the alternative is severely worse. There is a financial bomb already set to go off, will we defuse it or wait for it to explode and clean up the mess after. Obama must believe that spending works, for he does nothing but spending as an economic policy that pushes American closer to being unable to pay its debts.  It’s time to ante up or fold, our Founders would be so disgraced by what happens in Washington today. I wonder what Jefferson, Washington, Madison or Adams would say today to those in Washington about what they are doing to America. Remember these men went to war because of a Government not listening, doing what it wanted without regard to its people. We should all pray they find the wisdom of the Founders to understand the danger.

Blaine A Dunning

Liberty’s Warrior

About blained13

I'm from Mesa,AZ and very involved in local politics. I like to read, like just about all sports and also hunt/fish.
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2 Responses to Obama doesn’t get it

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  2. Bill Bish says:

    It’s time to fire that joker. He not only doesn’t get it he does not care. His version of what the United States should be is totally counter to what the founder forsaw. It’s time to stand up and be counted. GOD Bless America.

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