Budget Battle: We are the big losers in this deal

In the end the American public is the loser in this fight

 The budget battle that came to an end less than 24 hours before a partial government shutdown is no victory for anyone. The Democrats who didn’t want any cuts and the Republicans who sought on 60 billion in cuts compromised on 38 billion. The fact that the Democrats where fighting over such a small cut in this large budget of 3.75 trillion dollars does seem absurd. We are so far into deficit spending you would think that even the people who support them could understand that changes must start happening now. The ironic thing is if the Bush tax cuts had expired and everybody was paying more taxes would they still be fighting the cuts? The deficit grew under Bush and now has skyrocketed under Obama with only few in Congress willing to tackle this hard issue.

 Our Entitlement spending on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid takes up most of our budget problem. These sacred cows seemingly have become the 800lb gorilla that must be dealt with in order to fix the deficit spending. The President’s debt commission was ignored by him completely which proved what most thought it would accomplish, NOTHING! The President must appeal to his base and they have no interest in changing those entitlements in any shape or form. The solution of the left/progressives and most Democrats is to keep raising taxes instead of trying anything different from the status quo. It should be that all politicians should want all Americans to keep as much of their own money as possible but that just isn’t the truth. The budget battle ahead will make this first round pale in comparison for Republicans will be seeking deeper cuts and fixes to entitlements.

The Battle Ahead

 We have already seen the backlash from House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin proposed budget for the next ten years. The Democrats used their normal tools about taking food away people, grandma will be eating out of the trash can and so on. They always accuse the Republicans of fear mongering but seem to have little problem doing it themselves when needed. Jesse Jackson compared this last budget battle to the Civil War, well the next round isn’t going to be any smoother. The Democrats blamed the new Tea Party members of the house for the draconian cuts of last years budget. The new members were sent to fix our budget and deficit problems. Apparently the Democrats didn’t pay much attention to the last election and what many Americans are looking for. We are looking for some real leadership in Washington to fix this and other problems. We must be willing to keep making changes every election cycle until we can find the right people to get America back to being fiscally responsible.

 When the next budget battle begins the name calling and endless babble will come from both sides of the aisle. We must stand with those seeking to fix our budget and deficit problem for they will be attacked daily from big government crowd in Washington. Nobody should believe they are all Democrats either, there are plenty of Republicans who have been expanding the size of government as well. We must make our stand now against this big spending President and Congress or in the end everyone will regret it.

Liberty’s Warrior

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