America: Slowly bleeding to death

When is it going to be enough

 We watch nightly this game between people who claim to be for America but seem more interested in winning for themselves or their party. The people in Washington have seem to have forgotten that being sent their was supposed to be about serving the people. They have forgotten this and the American public for the most part has done nothing except worry about their own self-interest. We have become them, whats in it for me? do something but don’t do anything that will affect me! and so on. Americans have become reliant on government instead of remaining responsible for themselves and its cost us plenty. Our Federal Government has changed for the original intent of the founders about allowing people to live with the least involvement from government. The founding fathers weren’t seeking the great society, they weren’t seeking common good, they were seeking freedom, liberty and justice for people from TYRANNY! Bill Maher said “The founders wouldn’t be with the Tea Party.” Maher is right, they would be revolting against this government.

 Tyranny comes in many forms, a dictator, a king and a government grown beyond control of its citizens. It’s hard to fight a two-party system that appeals to their bases for giveaways and freebies while claiming to be in the best interest of everyone. The first principle of our government when considering anything is whether its Constitutional or not. There is no common good in the Constitution, no we must provide them with stuff even if they really don’t need or want it. Social Security is a direct violation of the Constitution for there is nothing that gives the government the right to make someone save for retirement. Is saving for retirement a good idea? Sure it is, nobody would deny that but making the government in charge of that retirement isn’t a good idea. We see the backlash from House Ryan’s budget plan would change medicare and people immediately were against it. Don’t touch anything of mine to fix the problems!

 If Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid aren’t fixed, changed or eliminated America will slowly bleed to death financially. They can’t raise taxes high enough to pay for these programs despite what they might say. Reform of these programs is only solutions and I believe they must be quick fixes or we destroy ourselves from within. How ironic after all the threats over the years from so many about destroying us and we do it for them. In order to make changes there is going to be some pain, does America still have the will for great sacrifice is the question. This sacrifice would test whether America is about E pluribus unum or will self-interest override sacrifice. The question is whether we as Americans have the willpower to make this sacrifice together?

 Dennis Prager once said “You can love America and still be a bad American.” I have no doubts that most Americans love America but will they love it enough to sacrifice something to save it. We are the solution, not Obama, Boehner, Reid, or Ryan or anyone else in Washington. The truth is United We Will Stand and Divided We Will Fall, in this struggle this statement rings of truth. They have slowly divided us over the years, pitting people against each other rather than being united. The solutions are out there if we truly believe in shared sacrifice to fix America from its own destruction. 

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I'm from Mesa,AZ and very involved in local politics. I like to read, like just about all sports and also hunt/fish.
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2 Responses to America: Slowly bleeding to death

  1. Jerry says:

    I hope I live long enough to see the return of America to the moral and ethical roots that made us a great nation. If I don’t I will at least have the satisfaction of knowing that there is a special place prepared for those politicians who have since WWII dedicated themselves to personal enrichment and betrayal of our freedoms. They will be joined by ministers and public school teachers who substituted evolution and situational ethics for God’s truth!

  2. Linda Snyder says:

    I believe that most Americans believe that their freedom will always be there. Instead of standing up for what they believe they cower in fear of being ridiculed. The progressives don’t care because they think they will rule the New World Order. When they are slain by their leaders they will be in hell waiting on the rest of those who deny Christ, trash our constitution, and steal our freedoms.

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