Fast and Furious was just a stupid idea

Heads should be rolling by now

 What started out as some feeble attempt to track guns into Mexico has now become a disaster by any stretch of the imagination. Everybody knows that there is illegal gun sales all over the United States including here in Arizona. It seems by all reports that ATF, FBI and the Justice Department weren’t communicating with each other about this dangerous program. Who really thought this was going to end in anything but a disaster in the first place? Why would you not inform the Mexican government of this? Why wouldn’t you inform Border Patrol? or Arizona Law enforcement? In the end we put more guns in drug dealers, smugglers and other criminals on both sides of the border. The death of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry in southern Arizona was linked to one of these weapons.

 The justice department seems to be stalling attempts by congress especially Issa (R) California and Charles Grassley (R) Iowa about what went wrong. The four ATF agents seems to be telling a much different story than the people running ATF or the Justice Department. They have sent documents that are redacted about the program which sends up a major red flag to me. Vince Cefalu was fired from ATF after cooperating with House Oversight Committee about the whole operation. Do you think that was a message to anyone else thinking of helping with this investigation? ATF by some reports has retaliated in the past with agents who reported illegal or unethical things going on inside ATF.

 I think Holder, Assistant AG Lanny Breuer, acting ATF Director Kenneth Melson at the very least should all be asked to resign or fired! This was a bad idea from the start but if you don’t follow through or fail to inform all needed agencies then why do something this dangerous in the first place. I think congress needs to put pressure on the White House to make changes because of Fast and Furious. Arizona, Mexico and the Nation has enough problems with guns in the hands of criminals without help from our Government.

by Blaine A Dunning

About blained13

I'm from Mesa,AZ and very involved in local politics. I like to read, like just about all sports and also hunt/fish.
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2 Responses to Fast and Furious was just a stupid idea

  1. Bob Mack says:

    Fast & Furious was, I believe, designed as more of a sting operation on the 2nd Amendment than on the Mexican drug cartels. Unfortunately for Tyrannus Obamus and his henchman Mr. Holder, it blew up in their faces when Agent Terry was murdered.

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