Debt Ceiling and the Debt Crisis

by Blaine A Dunning

Our Government must change its way

 The debate is raging on in Washington over the debt ceiling and how to fix our huge spending problem. The debt ceiling has been raised 74 times since 1962 and 10 times since 2001, however the president is asking for the largest increase ever. The question that many have raised is why is this time so different from the other 74 times it was increased. I believe that many Americans have seen the size and scope of our Federal Government continue to grow unchecked. Bush increased the size of government, increased spending, raised the debt ceiling ten times and we did nothing about it. Obama just double downed on the spending, increasing the overall size and scope of our Federal Government. The question has been raised by many is why now? What makes this time so different from the other 74 times.

 Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee  of Texas would have the country believe that it’s because Obama is black. I’m personally offended by her remarks as should all Americans thinking this has anything to do with race. This anti-spending big government started under Bush and gained steam after Obama took office when he continued to keep spending taxpayer money we didn’t have. It simply took many Americans a very long time to realize that our Government was failing us on so many fronts. This problem of debt and deficit wasn’t started under the Obama administration, we simply want it ended under his administration. We can no longer afford to allow our Federal Government to spend like this, we must have sound fiscal policy or will slowly drown from debt.

Where the problem lies

 Many people believe the problem lies solely on discretionary spending for the problem of the growing deficit. The truth is while it has increased our mandatory spending is exactly where the problem shows its teeth. Our third rail, the entitlement programs of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare/Unemployment. We have heard many say we need to return to 2008 spending limits, that would still add 600 Billion to the debt. Social Security has increased by over 70% since 1999, Medicare/Medicaid has increased by 125% since 1999 compared to 2010 budget. If you add these two programs together with the Defense spending 663 you get 2.1 trillion dollars. The highest revenue in any year we have ever had been 2007 with 2.568 trillion dollars of revenue. If we don’t do something about these programs and lower our defense spending you will never be able to cut enough from the other spending.

 There is no doubt we need to increase revenue, raising taxes seems to be all the Democrats and Obama can come up with. We do need tax reform to help close some loopholes, a fair tax system instead of one that favors some and not others. The burden is on all of us, the wealthy will most likely have to take on more burden than others but can’t do it alone. We as Americans must accept the reality that changes are needed or we risk everything in the future. We must bring our spending under control, nothing should be off the table, NOTHING!

 Obama should also be warned about stepping outside of Congress to get money if they fail to reach on agreement by August 2nd. It clearly states in the Constitution that the house of representatives can only borrow the money. It would violate the Constitution and is an impeachable offense.

About blained13

I'm from Mesa,AZ and very involved in local politics. I like to read, like just about all sports and also hunt/fish.
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1 Response to Debt Ceiling and the Debt Crisis

  1. justturnright says:

    I’ve been flogging this particular horse forever, Blaine. Nice to see you’ve been on it for quite some time, as well.

    Look forward to your next post.

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