Protests on Wall Street

What is their cause?

 This protest on Wall Street for the past three weeks has been covered by the media as a protest against big banks, corporations and wall street fat cats as Obama likes to call them. The message from the protesters seems to be more marxist in nature than just stopping them from getting more power or bailouts. The many people who have been interviewed seem to redistribute wealth, sounds familiar to Marx, Lenin, Obama and many other socialists out there. They certainly have a right to protest.

They had been warned about the consequences of attempting to disrupt the Brooklyn Bridge and when they disobeyed, they got arrested. The liberal media jumped at the chance to blame the cops and there have also been other incidents of people being arrested. The irony of this drips for people of the Tea Party who protest without getting arrested or disturbing traffic or people’s daily lives and are labeled as the trouble makers.

 The media did have a slow reaction to the protests in the beginning, they just weren’t a story until they started causing problems. Why do you think they suddenly started becoming for belligerent with cops, started interfering with traffic? The answer is simple, they hadn’t got enough coverage of the protests and needed something to trigger the national media to pay attention. They certainly have got it now and that is exactly what they wanted, the problem is they have no idea of what they want. That of course is except for everybody who has money to give or have it taken away from them to be redistributed by someone else to people who never earned it.

 I certainly understand the frustration with Banks, Mortgage Companies and many others who were playing games that cost people everything in some cases. When you underwrite the loans with government agencies, (Fanny and Freddie) have your politicians lower standards, allow banks to combine investment and regular banks into one (repealed Glass-Steagall act in 1999). When you have an SEC who can’t seem to protect investors and when you allow your government to bail out bad behavior. In the end the blame can be spread from Wall Street to Washington and around the whole country for the conditions that caused the meltdown in 2007.

 We need to start calling what has happened over the past fours years what it is, Corporatism and not Capitalism for the difference. Capitalism is you buying my product because you like what i have to sell, whether that is a piece of fruit, a TV or life insurance. When government involves itself in helping corporations it destroys what Capitalism is all about. We need change in how government deals with business, not destroy our economy which is hanging over a cliff.

Blaine A Dunning

About blained13

I'm from Mesa,AZ and very involved in local politics. I like to read, like just about all sports and also hunt/fish.
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