Same Old Stuff in DC

Here we go once again!

 The battle over the budget has been going on since the Senate has failed to approve a budget in over two years. It’s something they are supposed to do Constitutional but that has never stopped people in Washington before or in the future. Once again they must pass a continuing resolution to keep the government-funded with no set budget. They play their games, I do mean they because both sides have been kicking this can down the road and the can is tired of being kicked. I would hope everyone is equally tired of hearing about this every few months about how they are going to shut down Washington. There seems to be such a lack of leadership from the President on down that we’ll probably be playing this game again and again.

 We all now have a full understanding of how Obama plans to run his campaign, blame the congress and the Republicans. It has worked for presidents in the past, He can’t run on his record or the economy according to him he saved. So the president takes no leadership role in these problems, submits a budget and then blames the congress for doing nothing. Never mind that his last budget he issued was 900 billion more dollars than we have ever collected in taxes. In a down economy why would you even do this? Common sense has obviously left DC a long time ago. It’s going to be one long year of everybody blaming everybody else and few if any fixing our problems. Don’t expect much or anything from Obama because we know his plan of attack for whomever wins the nomination for the republicans.

Keystone Pipeline

 The republicans added this to the payroll tax cut extension and tied with increase in unemployment benefits. I know that Reid has already stated it would be dead on arrival in the Senate, nothing new there as well. Does anybody know or realize that the house (supposedly do nothing house) has passed over fifteen bills connected to jobs that Reid has never brought up for a vote. That however is for another day, the pipeline to me there is but one question to ask. Why does a private company need permission from the federal government in the first place? The states in which the pipeline passes through and the private land owners should be the only ones needing permission. It’s in their own self-interest to allow the pipeline through and to not play politics with something that will bring jobs to a struggling economy. To all the environmental people out there, there is millions of miles of pipeline already and with very good track records. If it wasn’t for them, many people couldn’t afford to be drive in the first place. That of course is the plan, make it expensive for an agenda is always present in these matters.

Blaine A Dunning                                                                                      

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I'm from Mesa,AZ and very involved in local politics. I like to read, like just about all sports and also hunt/fish.
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