Gun ownership comes with Responsibility

The choices we make

 What comes with gun ownership is the responsibility of remembering that one mistake could cost someone their life. The case in Florida could be that Zimmerman defended himself after being attacked by Martin. We must wait for the court case to find out what exactly happened that night before passing judgement. The people jumping to any conclusion aren’t giving the courts and justice it chance, sometimes the wheels don’t work quickly. My question isn’t that if Martin attacked Zimmerman did Zimmerman have the right to defend himself. My question is did Zimmerman use bad judgement to put himself in the situation of having to defend himself and causing the death of Martin? That is where the responsibility of gun ownership must be on the person armed, who put themselves into the situation.

 If Martin was breaking into Zimmerman’s home or produced a firearm of his own and threatened Zimmerman there would be little doubt of fault. Everybody should have the right to defend themself, the question now is,  did Zimmerman cause Martin to attack him by following him or confronting him. These are questions that must be settled in court, not in the media or talk shows who have caused other incidents around the country by heightening racial tensions.

The right to bear arms

 The founding fathers believed in the right for all to bear arms for many reasons including protecting us from our own government. They believed that an armed citizenry would cause government to fear the people and prevent tyranny from a large central government. I will always defend the right of Americans to own firearms, whether they are for hunting, sport, for show or defending yourself and your family. I would encourage all to be responsible with this right, nobody should want to take another’s life and it should be a last resort. Everybody who owns one should be properly trained in how to use one, being a responsible gun owner will lead to much less trouble for all. There will always be gun related crimes in on open and free society, accidents along with shootings will happen. It’s up to the gun owners of America to be responsible of their actions, remember the cost of making a mistake.

To all gun owners, BE SAFE and RESPONSIBLE 

Blaine A Dunning

Liberty’s Warrior

About blained13

I'm from Mesa,AZ and very involved in local politics. I like to read, like just about all sports and also hunt/fish.
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2 Responses to Gun ownership comes with Responsibility

  1. justturnright says:

    Well said, Blaine!

    The wise man doesn’t go looking for trouble. Trouble is more than capable of finding him on its own…..

    Let’s pray that Zimmerman gets a FAIR trial and what happens, happens.

  2. William says:

    We must have responsible gun ownership, justturnright is correct that trouble can find you on your own without looking for it.

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