Democrat on Taxes

Would you hear this from a Democrat today?

 The truth is you wouldn’t hear this kind of talk about taxes being cut from most or any Democrat including Obama. Although things have certainly changed since then, we have added medicare, medicaid, welfare and other things to the federal budget.  He talks of growth from lower taxes and a free market, doesn’t mention class warfare that current democrats use when talking taxes. I wonder if JFK would even recognize his own party these days, they have so divided the country about fairness, fair share and the role of government in spending our money.

 Everybody should remember that personal income taxes are theft of your property, government deciding how to spend your money. Taxes are necessary, nobody should doubt that but our founders never meant for government to be taking so much of your money for others. We have added so much government, we allowed it to start giving away our money like a pez dispenser that people depend on it. When people rely on government and not themselves they become defenders of what it provides for them. Everybody needs help on occasions when things are bad, it just shouldn’t be permanent opportunity to drink at the taxpayers trough. I never get the right answer from people who want high taxes, why do you deserve somebody elses money that you didn’t earn? Nothing like rewarding success with taking away success, to give away in their name and against their will. Is that Freedom or Liberty?

Liberty’s Warrior 

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I'm from Mesa,AZ and very involved in local politics. I like to read, like just about all sports and also hunt/fish.
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1 Response to Democrat on Taxes

  1. Always like hearing libs talk about Kenedy in hushed, reverant tones….and then seeing them stumble all over themselves when you start asking ’em questions about what he did while in office.

    The answer to your question is NO, of course. No Dem would dare espouse ideas like that, or they wouldn’t be a Dem for very long.
    For example, just see Democratic Rep. Artur Davis. Or should I say, FORMER Dem Rep. Davis.

    Good clip. Keep it around; you may have need of it again….

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