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Dream Act 2.0

Obama and DHS violate immigration law They found a way to pass the Dream Act, violate the constitution by going around congress to implement it. We understand this is about votes, votes and more votes so Obama can get himself … Continue reading

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Holder in contempt of congress

Will Holder be held accountable?  While the main stream media has avoided talking about Fast and Furious gun running program for reasons we all can guess. I got a chance to listen to US Congressman Paul Gosar of Arizona last … Continue reading

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Democrat on Taxes

Would you hear this from a Democrat today?  The truth is you wouldn’t hear this kind of talk about taxes being cut from most or any Democrat including Obama. Although things have certainly changed since then, we have added medicare, medicaid, welfare and other … Continue reading

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Walker wins recall

Does it mean anything  Governor Scott Walker and his  Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch both won on Tuesday in their recall elections. This clearly is a victory for people looking for more sound and fiscal government on the State level, along with out federal … Continue reading

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