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Democrat on Taxes

Would you hear this from a Democrat today?  The truth is you wouldn’t hear this kind of talk about taxes being cut from most or any Democrat including Obama. Although things have certainly changed since then, we have added medicare, medicaid, welfare and other … Continue reading

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Did Obama play to his base on Gay Marriage

Should gay people be allowed to marry? The president came out today stating he is for gay marriage, he’s the first sitting president to make that stance. After Joe Biden, the gift that keeps giving making his stance on gay … Continue reading

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Gun ownership comes with Responsibility

The choices we make  What comes with gun ownership is the responsibility of remembering that one mistake could cost someone their life. The case in Florida could be that Zimmerman defended himself after being attacked by Martin. We must wait … Continue reading

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by Publus From the Grave Whereas the Federal Government has over time exceeded the authority originally granted to it by the Constitution of the United States of America, the Citizens hereby wish to amend the Constitution to restore unalienable rights … Continue reading

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Dealing with Egypt’s uprising for Democracy

Did Obama miss an opportunity?  We have seen over the past couple of weeks the many events around the middle east calling for changes in governments. Tunisia, Jordan, Yemen and most of all Egypt, whose government we have supported for … Continue reading

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Obamacare goes down

Now what will happen? On Tuesday in Florida Judge Vinson struck down obamacare as unconstitutional for going beyond the reach of the commerce clause.  There have no been two judges to say the law is unconstitutional and two judges who … Continue reading

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Memo to Washington, Where to start making cuts!

I got this from a post that someone put on townhall.com and thought it was worth posting here on the blog. Stan who and where ever you are, I love it! Agriculture Replace farm subsidies with Farmer Savings Accounts and … Continue reading

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