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Protests on Wall Street

What is their cause?  This protest on Wall Street for the past three weeks has been covered by the media as a protest against big banks, corporations and wall street fat cats as Obama likes to call them. The message … Continue reading

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Obamacare goes down

Now what will happen? On Tuesday in Florida Judge Vinson struck down obamacare as unconstitutional for going beyond the reach of the commerce clause.  There have no been two judges to say the law is unconstitutional and two judges who … Continue reading

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United States of Regulation

Using the regulators is next! It’s the usual ploy of a politician to sign something or do something while the media is concentrating on something else. The lame stream media was covering mostly the arrival of President Hu and few even … Continue reading

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Memo to Washington, Where to start making cuts!

I got this from a post that someone put on townhall.com and thought it was worth posting here on the blog. Stan who and where ever you are, I love it! Agriculture Replace farm subsidies with Farmer Savings Accounts and … Continue reading

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Sacrifice! America are you ready and willing? Part One

Will we now stand on principle? Are we ready for Sacrifice in America to fix the deficit and budget issues that have been increasing since 2002.  The balanced budget and surplus created under a Democratic President along with a Republican … Continue reading

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Government: Deceit, Lies and Your Liberty

Language is the game Government plays   This is the game our Government on every level plays with the American public everyday to deceive its true intentions. Let us take the pledge from Obama to a pay freeze on Federal … Continue reading

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Crossroads: Freedom or Tyranny

What will America choose?  The previous election of Barack Obama has brought out a movement to restore America to its original intent.  We have seen the progressive/socialist/leftists want more big Government at every turn and seem to have no shame … Continue reading

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