About Us

Liberty’s Warrior is about taking back our Country from an out of control Government on all levels.  All of local, state and federal Governments have seemingly gone unchecked for far too long.  We must stand together in this fight and the better informed people are, the better choices they will make. We have no longer any choice but to stand up against all levels of Government to return this nation to the beacon of Liberty.

I was born in Mesa, AZ and have lived here most of my life.  I have always been interested in politics but never really got involved until late in 2009.  Barrack Obama has awakened many to how Government pushes an agenda not wanted by most of the public.  He is the catalyst to my awakening but I have come to realize that the problem extends to all levels of Government. So please join me in our fight to retake this Country and restore it to the people.

“Do not separate text from historical background. If you do, you will have perverted and subverted the Constitution, which can only end in a distorted, bastardized form of illegitimate government. ”
James Madison

I also run a  T-shirt printing business

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