Illegal Immigration

The problem of Illegal Immigration

 I live in a border state and you can imagine that this issue is one that is very important to me personally.  I believe that while we need immigrants to continue to grow, We expect that people wishing to immigrate do so properly.  We are a nation of laws and they are supposed to be respected by everyone.  Our Federal Government has allowed our borders to remain soft and we are paying the price for this indifference today.  All we should ask of anyone is come here legally, Then all of these issues are a moot point.  Anyone crossing our border without proper documentation is breaking the law, period end of story.  The reasons are irrelevant to why they are breaking the law, Justice is blind to all reasons except the facts. Our Federal Government does deport many people every year but still the Illegals cross in thousands every month.

 Nobody should expect to catch everyone crossing the border as that would be impossible.  We must finish the border fence, add more agents and use our modern technology to help secure our border.  I’ve heard people say that would cost us money better spent elsewhere, I would say securing our border is worth every penny we spend.  The cost in just not having to return people from wherever they came from or keeping the criminals out of our Country.  We also need a secure border to continue to make it difficult for drug cartels to import their product.  They have killed so many people on the Mexican side of the border that you would think Mexico would be also asking for a more secured border.  We have simply ignored this problem for many years and no solution will please everybody.

 We know the Democrats and the progressive leftist would like to see Amnesty for all Illegals so they can get the votes.  They paint anyone who supports deporting Illegals and securing the border as Racist, Paranoid and etc.  Business has used Illegals for cheap labor and that has kept them to continue to donate to Republicans to talk like they want change but do nothing.  This is why we must hold them all to the flame to get our border secured and to enforce the laws we already have.  We don’t need new laws if all the current ones where being used to fix this problem. It’s illegal for anyone to cross the border, its illegal federally for them to apply for a job and illegal for the business to hire them.  The cost to the American taxpayer is just to high for us to continue on this same path.

We must hold our elected officials to fulfill the oath to protect our Nation

2 Responses to Illegal Immigration

  1. Mary Lou says:

    Any worker, legal or illegal, contributes more to the economy than they take from it. There have been undocumented workers in our country for many, many generations. Where’s the rub. Why don’t you spend your time and ranting working on welfare reform. All economists will tell you the facts…the “illegal” puts more into the system than he takes out. That is the truth but you don’t want to hear it. It doesn’t suit your “white bread”, “white is right”, “no brown allowed” mentality.

    • blained13 says:

      Mary Lou- What illegals cost us in medical costs can’t even be counted, most are poor and that is the main reason they come here in the first place. I would encourage you to talk with a DES agent, I have and we spend quite a bit of money through medicaid but that is never reported or hardly ever mentioned. They also keep wages low, who exactly can they complain to when they have problems at work? Employers are equally a problem for hiring people at low wages, who they can manipulate easily because of their statis. We could also mention the 15-17% depending on who you believe that cross the border who are already convicted criminals, we have enough here already and don’t need to import them. You lose much of your argument by simply stating this whole thing is about race, its typical tatic to make people back down. I want them to come here legally, don’t care the color of their skin or their faith or anything else. We need legal immigrants but at a pace that our economy can except, so we don’t end up with people coming here not able to find jobs or taking jobs from people who are already here. We have been dealing with legal and illegal immigrants from the founding of this nation from all nations and all creeds. Don’t try lowering your arguement by playing the race card, it takes away meaning from your opinion.

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