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Are will still this ignorant about race

Have we learned nothing?  On Saturday Glenn Beck held a rally on the same general spot where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr held his I have a dream speech. So many people came out to here all the speakers talk … Continue reading

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A email from someone who attended the Restoring Honor Rally

 I want to thank David for sending me this email, Wish I could have been there myself. Well, this is day two after the rally.  Still taking some time soaking things up.  My family’s journey starts a few days before … Continue reading

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Governor Brewers letter to H. Clinton

 This is just another case of how this administration seems to believe the UN is important to the people of the United States of America.  Our laws that our Federal and States pass should have nothing to do with them … Continue reading

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Russell Pearce at Red Mountain Tea Party

Russell Pearce was great tonight at our meeting, everyone should get to listen to him talk about the Constitution and Constitutional principles.  He truly understands what the Founders had attended for this Nation, that the people control how this Nation … Continue reading

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My Liberal Uncle

 I have been at odds with my Uncle about many things because of his socialist/liberal views over the past years.  He’s you typical Liberal and I’m enclosing an email so you can get some idea of how they think.  I … Continue reading

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Mosque New Ground Zero

Go someplace else to build This has certainly been a touchy subject ever since hitting the light of day about them building a Mosque a couple of blocks from Ground Zero.  We are a nation of religious freedom, which is … Continue reading

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Tea Party Border Rally 8/15/2010

 I have attended four rallies now in support of SB1070 and my great state of Arizona.  This rally took place today August 15, 2010 in Hereford, AZ a little south of Sierra Vista and right along the border. It was … Continue reading

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