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Have we lost the meaning of July 4th, 1776

The Birth of Freedom  On the July 4th we will celebrate the birth of this nation when Jefferson’s document of Independence was adopted. Although few of them signed it that day, in the end 56 men committed themselves to ending … Continue reading

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Obama Won, America Lost!

Stunned into disbelief  The ruling today on Obama-care was stunning for the person who sided with the liberal justices on the court. Roberts basically said the mandate can be a tax, so not buying something mandated by the government is … Continue reading

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9/11 Ten Years Later

The Road we have Traveled  On September 11, 2001 we watch in helpless horror the events folding in New York, Washington and a field in Pennsylvania. The unbelievable events of that day are permanently ingrained in my mind forever. In America it … Continue reading

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by Publus From the Grave Whereas the Federal Government has over time exceeded the authority originally granted to it by the Constitution of the United States of America, the Citizens hereby wish to amend the Constitution to restore unalienable rights … Continue reading

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America: Slowly bleeding to death

When is it going to be enough  We watch nightly this game between people who claim to be for America but seem more interested in winning for themselves or their party. The people in Washington have seem to have forgotten … Continue reading

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Is Obama wrong about releasing photo

What would it really change?  I want to start by thanking Obama for staying the course and ordering the capture or killing of Bin Laden. I would also thank the men and women of our intelligence agencies along with all … Continue reading

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Dealing with Egypt’s uprising for Democracy

Did Obama miss an opportunity?  We have seen over the past couple of weeks the many events around the middle east calling for changes in governments. Tunisia, Jordan, Yemen and most of all Egypt, whose government we have supported for … Continue reading

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Obamacare goes down

Now what will happen? On Tuesday in Florida Judge Vinson struck down obamacare as unconstitutional for going beyond the reach of the commerce clause.  There have no been two judges to say the law is unconstitutional and two judges who … Continue reading

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A Nightmare in Tucson

The Day After I would like to send my prayers out to the people and family’s of yesterdays shooting, we are all thinking of you. What a terrible day for my state and my Country once again by the hands … Continue reading

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Independent Payment Advisory Board- Another reason Obamacare must go!

What is the Independent Payment Advisory Board?  The purpose of this board to control cost of Medicare by a 15 members appointed by the President which must be confirmed by the Senate. The Secretary of HHS, the Administrator of the … Continue reading

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