SB1070 gets to keep it’s Teeth

Main part will go into effect

 Today in a 5-3 ruling the Supreme Court struck down three parts of the Arizona law but kept the main part intact. The part that was kept was allowing state and local law enforcement when engaged in a legal stop to check legal status. If the officer believes the person is here illegally they can check with ICE on their status. It still puts the decision of what happens to the illegal alien in the hands of the federal government, violating no federal immigration law. The other parts only mirrored federal law, basically the Supreme Court ruled those parts fall directly under federal jurisdiction. Moving forward this probably isn’t over because all the pro-illegal immigration people will be bringing cases of people being detained under SB1070.

  One thing people should note is that Roberts sided with Kennedy, the reason for this is very simple. If the decision is 4-4 since Kagan recused herself then the ninth circuits ruling would have been upheld. Roberts siding with the others means the one part, the most important part is ruled constitutional until a further challenge comes along. So in a sense the decision is a win and a loss for now.

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