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I'm from Mesa,AZ and very involved in local politics. I like to read, like just about all sports and also hunt/fish.

According to MSNBC, Jesus would approve of #Obamacare…

Originally posted on Two Heads are Better Than One:
I don’t know what ticks me off more: folks who reflexively impugn people of faith, or folks who deliberately misunderstand/misquote/misrepresent what people have said. It’s probably a tie. Which brings me…

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Originally posted on Two Heads are Better Than One:
I just finished my backlog of reading that I missed while on vacation, and one article stood out among the rest. It included the head-shaking bewilderment at the President’s much-criticized “You…

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New Blog Address

I have moved this blog to a new address: Click Here

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Have we lost the meaning of July 4th, 1776

The Birth of Freedom  On the July 4th we will celebrate the birth of this nation when Jefferson’s document of Independence was adopted. Although few of them signed it that day, in the end 56 men committed themselves to ending … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Two Heads are Better Than One:
The SCOTUS Obamacare decision from last week has monopolized the conversation ever since and, for today at least, I need to take a break. And there is something that is almost…

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Obama Won, America Lost!

Stunned into disbelief  The ruling today on Obama-care was stunning for the person who sided with the liberal justices on the court. Roberts basically said the mandate can be a tax, so not buying something mandated by the government is … Continue reading

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Has Obama declared War on Arizona

Is Arizona on his kill list?  So after the Supreme Court upholds the key element of Arizona’s anti-illegal immigration law SB1070 the president attacked Arizona sovereignty again. Obama has told DHS to ignore requests from Arizona law enforcement on immigration … Continue reading

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