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Obama Won, America Lost!

Stunned into disbelief ┬áThe ruling today on Obama-care was stunning for the person who sided with the liberal justices on the court. Roberts basically said the mandate can be a tax, so not buying something mandated by the government is … Continue reading

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SB1070 gets to keep it’s Teeth

Main part will go into effect ┬áToday in a 5-3 ruling the Supreme Court struck down three parts of the Arizona law but kept the main part intact. The part that was kept was allowing state and local law enforcement … Continue reading

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SB1070 at the Supreme Court

Does it violate the Constitution or not? The Supreme Court will listen to the arguments for and against SB1070 that gives the state, counties along with local police the right to check immigration of someone legally stopped by them. The … Continue reading

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Court to rule on ObamaCare constitutionality Monday

Check out the blog post from Thomas Lifson at American Thinker, about the Supreme Court to rule on Healtcare law. Court to rule on ObamaCare constitutionality Monday. Liberty’s Warrior

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