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Obama Won, America Lost!

Stunned into disbelief  The ruling today on Obama-care was stunning for the person who sided with the liberal justices on the court. Roberts basically said the mandate can be a tax, so not buying something mandated by the government is … Continue reading

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Dream Act 2.0

Obama and DHS violate immigration law They found a way to pass the Dream Act, violate the constitution by going around congress to implement it. We understand this is about votes, votes and more votes so Obama can get himself … Continue reading

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Did Obama play to his base on Gay Marriage

Should gay people be allowed to marry? The president came out today stating he is for gay marriage, he’s the first sitting president to make that stance. After Joe Biden, the gift that keeps giving making his stance on gay … Continue reading

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by Publus From the Grave Whereas the Federal Government has over time exceeded the authority originally granted to it by the Constitution of the United States of America, the Citizens hereby wish to amend the Constitution to restore unalienable rights … Continue reading

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Why build a Mosque at Ground Zero?

Why build a Mosque at Ground Zero?  The Imam has stated that the Mosque would be used to bring the people of different faiths together rather than separate them.  Then you must have to ask yourself this question, Why build … Continue reading

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Take America back pledge

Take America back pledge:- I hereby promise to stand committed to freedom, to the constitution, and to the vision of our founding fathers.- I promise to remain vigilant in the cause of liberty, to stay informed about issues and attempts … Continue reading

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