Contempt charges against Holder

What will the full House do?

 Well the sub-committee voted along party lines for the contempt charge against Holder over Fast & Furious. It went along party lines as most should’ve expected, with the Democrats saying this is about politics. Certainly there is some being played but not for the Terry family along with many others effected by the gun running program. Obama issuing the executive privilege only adds more speculation about what, who and when did the white house learn about the program. The Democrats can cry foul all they want, we the American people should be demanding to know all the facts from Holder. Their claim that they have been cooperating is very weak and of course most of the MSM only focus on politics of the matter.

 There is a couple of easy solutions the White House and Holder could do, it would stop the contempt charge immediately. They need to have a special prosecutor or give the documents that they refuse to give to the sub-committee for review. This would allow even sensitive documents to be reviewed, of course neither of these options would happen very quickly. The full house will vote sometime next week unless something change but nobody in the White House will likely lose any sleep over it. Even if it passes the contempt charge goes to the DOJ, doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out they will do nothing with it. The Terry family has my continued sympathy for this whole mess and my contmept is certainly aimed at Holder, the White House along with the DOJ

Liberty’s Warrior


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Bashir promoting violence against Romney

How stupid you can be as a Liberal

 Could you imagine the outrage today if a conservative, or a tea party member or anybody not a liberal did this same thing with Obama. The liberal media would be calling for a lynching, however since it was one of their own doing this it will be fine. They never practice what they preach, being non-violent and promoting civility between Americans. Bashir should be fired for this, not tomorrow, not after breakfast but right now. Free speech has limits when you speaking about a person or suggesting violence against that person or a group of people.  Remember to do as liberals in the media say not as they do.

Liberty’s Warrior 

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Dream Act 2.0

Obama and DHS violate immigration law

They found a way to pass the Dream Act, violate the constitution by going around congress to implement it. We understand this is about votes, votes and more votes so Obama can get himself elected in what will be a tight race. Can you guess why this is only about votes? Why would you do this now with only five months to election time? The answer is very simple, VOTES. The president doesn’t have the authority to override the other branches of government whether he agrees or disagrees with them. We need sound immigration policies but can’t have the president (any president) decide how our laws are enforced.

 We need legal immigrants, everybody understands this but allowing too many people in hurts the economic system. Illegal workers keep wages lower, take jobs from legal citizens and some use the system of public welfare for their advantage. I care nothing of where you come from, what color you skin is, I just want you to come here legally. Take that pledge to the Constitution, you will most likely follow it better than most politicians do. We need changes, however violating how we make and change our laws isn’t the solution.

Liberty’s Warrior

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Holder in contempt of congress

Will Holder be held accountable?

 While the main stream media has avoided talking about Fast and Furious gun running program for reasons we all can guess. I got a chance to listen to US Congressman Paul Gosar of Arizona last night. They have the votes on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee for the contempt charge against Holder. The protectors of Holder will probably come crawling out from the woodworks saying they are just trying to bring down both Holder and Obama. This is typical of scandals in Washington, trying to keep the lid on what really happened, who knew and when. According to Gosar what they have received is only about 1000 emails and not the 6000 that Holder claims. Many of them are responses to emails, so a chain of emails between two people and each one according to Holder counts as a new document. You can clearly see the absurdity of government working here.

 Fast and Furious isn’t the first time our government has tried this, the wide receiver plan under Bush started down this same path. There is however clear differences between the two plans, although you will never hear this from Holder or Obama’s administration. Under Bush the plan was to put tracking devices on all weapons, they weren’t using straw purchasers and putting pressure on gun shops to sell guns with no regard to whom was buying them. They figured out under wide receiver this wasn’t going to work and stopped the program, the DOJ under Holder didn’t. They didn’t track them, let people who clearly where buying for the cartels buy multiple guns and let them go south of the border. The real question is what was the true intent of this program that was never going to work in the first place.

 The former US attorney in Arizona Dennis Burke has been for tighter gun control laws, when helped with the so-called assault weapons ban under Clinton. Clearly he cared little about how many guns went south and who was buying them, this was about an agenda for more gun control here. In the end Fast and Furious was about trying to get the public behind more gun control laws, not about tracking weapons to the cartels. Why run this program and tell no local or state law enforcement about it? Why put lives at risk when so many illegal purchases where already heading to Mexico? Why would Holder not want the American public to completely understand the program? Who even thought this was a good idea? I hope the committee finds him in contempt, the full house does as well and courts convict him. We must send a message to our Government that this type of activity isn’t in the best interest of America or Mexico. I’m an Arizona native, so pissed at Holder, the DOJ and all involved for the deaths of two federal agents, not to mention how many mexican citizens. There must be accountability, all Holder has to do is give them all the documents they need and allow them to talk with everybody involved. I would expect that none of that will happen, we’ll see if the house has a spine or not.

Liberty’s Warrior 

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Democrat on Taxes

Would you hear this from a Democrat today?

 The truth is you wouldn’t hear this kind of talk about taxes being cut from most or any Democrat including Obama. Although things have certainly changed since then, we have added medicare, medicaid, welfare and other things to the federal budget.  He talks of growth from lower taxes and a free market, doesn’t mention class warfare that current democrats use when talking taxes. I wonder if JFK would even recognize his own party these days, they have so divided the country about fairness, fair share and the role of government in spending our money.

 Everybody should remember that personal income taxes are theft of your property, government deciding how to spend your money. Taxes are necessary, nobody should doubt that but our founders never meant for government to be taking so much of your money for others. We have added so much government, we allowed it to start giving away our money like a pez dispenser that people depend on it. When people rely on government and not themselves they become defenders of what it provides for them. Everybody needs help on occasions when things are bad, it just shouldn’t be permanent opportunity to drink at the taxpayers trough. I never get the right answer from people who want high taxes, why do you deserve somebody elses money that you didn’t earn? Nothing like rewarding success with taking away success, to give away in their name and against their will. Is that Freedom or Liberty?

Liberty’s Warrior 

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Walker wins recall

Does it mean anything

 Governor Scott Walker and his  Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch both won on Tuesday in their recall elections. This clearly is a victory for people looking for more sound and fiscal government on the State level, along with out federal spending. Walker winning the first time was a surprise but this was clearly a show of support for the changes he made in regards to their 3.6 billion dollar deficit. Everybody who supported him should be very proud of getting the message out and for the very high turnout. The question is does this mean that Wisconsin could be in play in November?

 The exit polling data favored Obama 54% to 42% for Romney, so can Romney make up the difference to put Wisconsin in play? If the numbers are correct it would certainly be an uphill climb for Romney but there still five months until the election. To all the whiners about how much money came from outside Wisconsin, get over it. Do you have any idea how much more Obama is going to spend than Romney? It is their money, don’t they get to decide where they spend it or does that only apply to Democrats?

Congrats to all in Wisconsin, even those who voted for Barrett for you won even though you don’t know it.

Liberty’s Warrior

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Did Obama play to his base on Gay Marriage

Should gay people be allowed to marry?

The president came out today stating he is for gay marriage, he’s the first sitting president to make that stance. After Joe Biden, the gift that keeps giving making his stance on gay marriage forced the president to announce where he stood. It wasn’t shocking or even surprising where he stands and I agree with the president that the matter belongs to the states. I disagree with the lifestyle but the constitution is supposed to protect people we don’t agree with. I also don’t believe in the federal government making a law that defines marriage is constitutional. In the end however what business is it of the federal government, state government or anybody else about marriage. I take my stand on liberty and the right for people to choose their life, just don’t make me have to accept your lifestyle.

  I have the right to be free and the right to be free from you, I accept your rights but you better not infringe on mine. I will defend your right to live your life but don’t take away my right to denounce the lifestyle you have chosen. I also understand the people who oppose gay marriage on moral grounds, the people of faith who believe this is a sin. All kinds of sinners, does this give you the right to deny them their rights as human beings? This is a minor issue for me personally and I have two cousins who are gay, the economy along with jobs are more important right now.

 I know that many will disagree about this with me but my cause is liberty, even for things I would never do or condone. You can still oppose how they live but I won’t deny them their rights as human beings to live their lives as they wish not how i say.

Liberty’s Warrior

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Gun ownership comes with Responsibility

The choices we make

 What comes with gun ownership is the responsibility of remembering that one mistake could cost someone their life. The case in Florida could be that Zimmerman defended himself after being attacked by Martin. We must wait for the court case to find out what exactly happened that night before passing judgement. The people jumping to any conclusion aren’t giving the courts and justice it chance, sometimes the wheels don’t work quickly. My question isn’t that if Martin attacked Zimmerman did Zimmerman have the right to defend himself. My question is did Zimmerman use bad judgement to put himself in the situation of having to defend himself and causing the death of Martin? That is where the responsibility of gun ownership must be on the person armed, who put themselves into the situation.

 If Martin was breaking into Zimmerman’s home or produced a firearm of his own and threatened Zimmerman there would be little doubt of fault. Everybody should have the right to defend themself, the question now is,  did Zimmerman cause Martin to attack him by following him or confronting him. These are questions that must be settled in court, not in the media or talk shows who have caused other incidents around the country by heightening racial tensions.

The right to bear arms

 The founding fathers believed in the right for all to bear arms for many reasons including protecting us from our own government. They believed that an armed citizenry would cause government to fear the people and prevent tyranny from a large central government. I will always defend the right of Americans to own firearms, whether they are for hunting, sport, for show or defending yourself and your family. I would encourage all to be responsible with this right, nobody should want to take another’s life and it should be a last resort. Everybody who owns one should be properly trained in how to use one, being a responsible gun owner will lead to much less trouble for all. There will always be gun related crimes in on open and free society, accidents along with shootings will happen. It’s up to the gun owners of America to be responsible of their actions, remember the cost of making a mistake.

To all gun owners, BE SAFE and RESPONSIBLE 

Blaine A Dunning

Liberty’s Warrior

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SB1070 at the Supreme Court

Does it violate the Constitution or not?

The Supreme Court will listen to the arguments for and against SB1070 that gives the state, counties along with local police the right to check immigration of someone legally stopped by them. The question is very simple one, does the law go beyond the federal law on checking whether someone is here legally or illegally? State law can’t go beyond federal law on illegal immigration, however it can mirror federal law. This is the question the Supreme Court must decide, does this go beyond the federal law when a police officer inquires about immigration status. Unlike what has been reported in the past, they must have reasonable cause to stop you to begin with. They can’t single anyone out and pull them over to check status, as that violates probable cause under the Constitution. Obama when talking about going for ice cream left out the part about needing to break a law to be questioned by the police in the first place.

 You would think the federal government would seek help from the states for a problem they clearly can’t control on their own. The flow of drugs and illegal immigrants continues to this day in Arizona, along with all the border states. It has declined but most would agree that has more to do with the economy than any other factor including enforcement. The state of Arizona passed this bill to give state law enforcement for authority to find criminal and other illegal immigrants. Arizona still can’t deport them, that is the job of the federal government on who is deported.

 The people opposed say it violates civil rights of both citizens and illegals, however border control, ICE, DHS can all stop you without cause. They can search your vehicle without permission, ask you whatever they want, detain you until they prove you are an American citizen. If the state of Arizona law enforcement after having probable cause ask that is somehow a violation of civil rights and racist. I believe the law doesn’t exceed the federal law and should be ruled Constitutional by the Supreme Court. It will be interesting to see how the justices rule, although we can probably guess what 4 of the justice ruling will be without hearing any argument.

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Stop SOPA and PIPA by Kevin Jackson

I couldn’t find anywhere he posted this on his site so I’m including here on my blog.


Unhyphenated AmericaKevin Jackson, Founder

A Division of: The Black Sphere, LLC Post Office Box 2036 St. Louis, MO 63158

Dear Fellow Patriot,
Happy New Year!  This is Kevin Jackson from Black Sphere and I am using this email to tell you about a new project we are beginning in 2012 – Unhyphenated American.  I am a Black man but first, and foremost, I am an American.  I am NOT a hyphenated American, just an American.  Before I am able to tell you about our plans and goals for 2012, I first have to let you know that there is a movement afoot in Congress that could take down my efforts to spread pro-American ideals and I am now going to explain how drastically it can, and will, effect your life it if passes and becomes law.NOTE:  Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader from Nevada, recently stated that the first thing the Senate will consider when it returns from the Christmas Break is SOPA. Stop SOPA Logo Image

Accordingly, we may have to take action as early as this Wednesday.

In summary, the American ideal of individual liberty is being jeopardized in a more direct and sinister manner than ever in our nation’s history by two bills that are being brought up in the Congress, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in the House, and PROTECT IP  (PIPA) in the Senate, would remove the Constitutional basis of our free speech rights, depriving us and our children of the power of open dissent.  The bills would entrust the government with the role of acting as thought police on what is or isn’t legitimate political criticism.

The consensus is exceptionally broad that these are the two most draconian and arbitrary pieces of legislation to arise in years. Noted left-leaning blog Politico reports that both conservative and liberal bloggers believe the legislation signals “the end of us.” Online experts at TechDirt, referring to PIP state the bill is for the most part “horribly ugly.” Adam Savage of Mythbusters argues the bills are not only unconstitutional, but anti-constitutional. The co-host explains:

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), passed in 1998, is a lousy piece of legislation and a very useful lens through which to regard these two new pieces of legislation. Think of all the stories you’ve read over the past 14 years of people slapping DMCA takedowns of content that they didn’t own, just because they didn’t like what it had to say. One that comes to mind is Uri Gellar, the popular psychic who performed spoon bending and other tricks on TV in the 1970s. Using a DMCA claim, he had YouTube pull videos of him being humiliated during a 1973 appearance on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, when he had no copyright claim to them at all.

This is exactly what will happen with PIPA and SOPA. We’ve seen it again and again. Give people a club like this and you can kiss the Internet as you know it goodbye. It’s really that bad. And it’s a clear violation of our First Amendment right to free speech.

The Internet is probably the most important technological advancement of my lifetime. Its strength lies in its open architecture and its ability to allow a framework where all voices can be heard. Like the printing press before it (which states also tried to regulate, for centuries), it democratizes information, and thus it democratizes power. If we allow Congress to pass these draconian laws, we’ll be joining nations like China and Iran in filtering what we allow people to see, do, and say on the Web.

The online censorship legislation has generated a widespread backlash from online mainstays that indicates the magnitude of threat the bills present to the very vitality of the Internet. One of the most vocal opponents of SOPA has been SCRIBD, the online document sharing service. Michelle Laird, the company’s director of communications, stated the following in a press release:
Today, users of Scribd are able to  watch as the words they read are being taken away, as Scribd demonstrates to its millions of users what the SOPA & PIPA  would do every day if these laws are passed.“With this legislation in place, entire domains like Scribd could simply vanish from the web,” said Jared Friedman, CTO & co-founder, Scribd. “That’s why we’re showing our users just what SOPA and PIPA could do to Scribd and other sites. These bills aren’t just dry acronyms; they’re a direct attack on the underpinnings of the web.”
The web has not only flourished due to the freedom of expression it has engendered, but the open avenues of commerce it has opened up. The bills would not only stifle and chill speech, but curb online commercial activity. Passing these into law in the midst of a stubbornly long and deep recession would show that the U.S. government is not only hostile to free speech, but apathetic to the dire state of Americans’ economic livelihoods.

The Congress is within days of declaring open war against the Constitution. While assuredly horrible laws have been passed before, none of them sought to restrain average Americans’ right to protest them.  Under the new regime, the act of pulling a plug on a disliked blog would be just a mouse-click away. As even the socialist Rosa Luxemburg noted, “freedom is always freedom for the other guy.” Both right and left agree – we should argue about our ideals in an open environment, and that demands an open Internet.

We are now working on a plan of attack against SOPA and PIPA and will bring it you in a day or two.  Please respond to me with any questions, observations or suggestions.

Signature Image of Kevin Jackson
Kevin Jackson, Founder Unhyphenated America
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