SB1070 gets to keep it’s Teeth

Main part will go into effect

 Today in a 5-3 ruling the Supreme Court struck down three parts of the Arizona law but kept the main part intact. The part that was kept was allowing state and local law enforcement when engaged in a legal stop to check legal status. If the officer believes the person is here illegally they can check with ICE on their status. It still puts the decision of what happens to the illegal alien in the hands of the federal government, violating no federal immigration law. The other parts only mirrored federal law, basically the Supreme Court ruled those parts fall directly under federal jurisdiction. Moving forward this probably isn’t over because all the pro-illegal immigration people will be bringing cases of people being detained under SB1070.

  One thing people should note is that Roberts sided with Kennedy, the reason for this is very simple. If the decision is 4-4 since Kagan recused herself then the ninth circuits ruling would have been upheld. Roberts siding with the others means the one part, the most important part is ruled constitutional until a further challenge comes along. So in a sense the decision is a win and a loss for now.

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Follow the Idealogy of Fast and Furious

What was the reason for Fast and Furious

 Obama used his executive privilege and in doing so raised more questions about why they are withholding all of the documents. The following video by Bill Whittle talks about the ideology of both Obama and Holder on guns and gun control.

He doesn’t even mention the US attorney here in AZ who was involved Dennis Burke, who helped write Clinton’s ban on certain rifles. All gun owners should never use the term Assault Rifles, that was made up by the left to banning guns agenda. We also Nancy Pelosi say that investigating the Fast and Furious program and voting a contempt charge against Holder was an attempt to keep him from stopping so called voter suppression. Holder is the Attorney General, the people under him do most of the work on anything the DOJ does, so don’t believe the lies.

I ask both Barrack Obama and Eric Holder for the truth, it should be what all Americans should be asking. I have no other concern but the truth, will settle for nothing less than the truth for all the victims are government caused in this program.

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Two Heads are Better Than One

The United Nations is one of those topics that causes one of three reactions: (1) strident defense from the Left, (2) snarling disdain from the Right, …and (3) bored, yawning shrugs, which come from pretty much everyone else.

I understand the reason for all three, of course. The Right sees the U.N. as thieves and backers of every tin-pot dictator in the world, and I happen to agree. The Left adores the U.N., since its primary aim appears to be stealing from those mean old Western nations, (whom they resent) and giving to the poor, third-world dictatorships, socialist regimes and tyrants (whom they love). And everyone else sees it as some ethereal-yet-benign body, which doesn’t have anything to do with their daily lives.

If the U.N. gets their way, that last description will change, and in a hurry.


The United Nations is considering a new Internet tax targeting the…

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Contempt charges against Holder

What will the full House do?

 Well the sub-committee voted along party lines for the contempt charge against Holder over Fast & Furious. It went along party lines as most should’ve expected, with the Democrats saying this is about politics. Certainly there is some being played but not for the Terry family along with many others effected by the gun running program. Obama issuing the executive privilege only adds more speculation about what, who and when did the white house learn about the program. The Democrats can cry foul all they want, we the American people should be demanding to know all the facts from Holder. Their claim that they have been cooperating is very weak and of course most of the MSM only focus on politics of the matter.

 There is a couple of easy solutions the White House and Holder could do, it would stop the contempt charge immediately. They need to have a special prosecutor or give the documents that they refuse to give to the sub-committee for review. This would allow even sensitive documents to be reviewed, of course neither of these options would happen very quickly. The full house will vote sometime next week unless something change but nobody in the White House will likely lose any sleep over it. Even if it passes the contempt charge goes to the DOJ, doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out they will do nothing with it. The Terry family has my continued sympathy for this whole mess and my contmept is certainly aimed at Holder, the White House along with the DOJ

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Bashir promoting violence against Romney

How stupid you can be as a Liberal

 Could you imagine the outrage today if a conservative, or a tea party member or anybody not a liberal did this same thing with Obama. The liberal media would be calling for a lynching, however since it was one of their own doing this it will be fine. They never practice what they preach, being non-violent and promoting civility between Americans. Bashir should be fired for this, not tomorrow, not after breakfast but right now. Free speech has limits when you speaking about a person or suggesting violence against that person or a group of people.  Remember to do as liberals in the media say not as they do.

Liberty’s Warrior 

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Dream Act 2.0

Obama and DHS violate immigration law

They found a way to pass the Dream Act, violate the constitution by going around congress to implement it. We understand this is about votes, votes and more votes so Obama can get himself elected in what will be a tight race. Can you guess why this is only about votes? Why would you do this now with only five months to election time? The answer is very simple, VOTES. The president doesn’t have the authority to override the other branches of government whether he agrees or disagrees with them. We need sound immigration policies but can’t have the president (any president) decide how our laws are enforced.

 We need legal immigrants, everybody understands this but allowing too many people in hurts the economic system. Illegal workers keep wages lower, take jobs from legal citizens and some use the system of public welfare for their advantage. I care nothing of where you come from, what color you skin is, I just want you to come here legally. Take that pledge to the Constitution, you will most likely follow it better than most politicians do. We need changes, however violating how we make and change our laws isn’t the solution.

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Holder in contempt of congress

Will Holder be held accountable?

 While the main stream media has avoided talking about Fast and Furious gun running program for reasons we all can guess. I got a chance to listen to US Congressman Paul Gosar of Arizona last night. They have the votes on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee for the contempt charge against Holder. The protectors of Holder will probably come crawling out from the woodworks saying they are just trying to bring down both Holder and Obama. This is typical of scandals in Washington, trying to keep the lid on what really happened, who knew and when. According to Gosar what they have received is only about 1000 emails and not the 6000 that Holder claims. Many of them are responses to emails, so a chain of emails between two people and each one according to Holder counts as a new document. You can clearly see the absurdity of government working here.

 Fast and Furious isn’t the first time our government has tried this, the wide receiver plan under Bush started down this same path. There is however clear differences between the two plans, although you will never hear this from Holder or Obama’s administration. Under Bush the plan was to put tracking devices on all weapons, they weren’t using straw purchasers and putting pressure on gun shops to sell guns with no regard to whom was buying them. They figured out under wide receiver this wasn’t going to work and stopped the program, the DOJ under Holder didn’t. They didn’t track them, let people who clearly where buying for the cartels buy multiple guns and let them go south of the border. The real question is what was the true intent of this program that was never going to work in the first place.

 The former US attorney in Arizona Dennis Burke has been for tighter gun control laws, when helped with the so-called assault weapons ban under Clinton. Clearly he cared little about how many guns went south and who was buying them, this was about an agenda for more gun control here. In the end Fast and Furious was about trying to get the public behind more gun control laws, not about tracking weapons to the cartels. Why run this program and tell no local or state law enforcement about it? Why put lives at risk when so many illegal purchases where already heading to Mexico? Why would Holder not want the American public to completely understand the program? Who even thought this was a good idea? I hope the committee finds him in contempt, the full house does as well and courts convict him. We must send a message to our Government that this type of activity isn’t in the best interest of America or Mexico. I’m an Arizona native, so pissed at Holder, the DOJ and all involved for the deaths of two federal agents, not to mention how many mexican citizens. There must be accountability, all Holder has to do is give them all the documents they need and allow them to talk with everybody involved. I would expect that none of that will happen, we’ll see if the house has a spine or not.

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